Turned off, unplugged and stepped away.

Greetings from The Front Porch! 

The three most important lessons I learned this summer after I turned off my Facebook account, unplugged my email app and stepped away from the hourly internet checks were these. 

Lesson 1: (SLOW)
 Slow, “be the turtle!”  As I entered into my summer vacation embracing the pulling away and unplugging, I wondered where my discipline would take me.  Of course, just as Dorothy clicking her heals, I ended up right where I was, home.  It seems like the lessons of being the turtle were all around me, thanks to lawn ordainments and good friends. While I chose to slow down even more these past several months, I was able to catch an even greater glimpse of why it was important for me to slow down during this season of summer time.  Thanks to the lesson of the turtle, I was able to enjoy the last summer on my front porch and all who came by to visit as they saw the for sale sign sitting on our lawn.  Being in a hurry would have prevented me from all the amazing conversation and connections I had through out the summer as I prepare to change the address of the front porch.  Thank you lesson number one! 

Lesson 2: (SIMPLE)
Keep it simple and simple it was, as I entered into the summer months without any agenda, or even a plan of action other then enjoying my time with the teens and spontaneous visits on the front porch as my husband would join us after a long day of work.  Even our traditional July 4 party was intentionally simple which allowed for deeper conversations and genuine connections.  Again, preparing us for the next season of our life. Thank you lesson two!

Lesson 3: (SMALL)
Small, tiny, petite, there is value in the little things in life.  A moment in time is small but can be life changing.  The tiny hands of a newborn wrapped around ones finger, small but profound, especially when those tiny fingers are that of your first grandson. Thank you lesson three.

Therefore, as I step back into the schedules, school days, and agendas and to do lists, I will remember that slow, simple and small gave me the vacation my body, soul and mind needed as I prepared for this next season in my life.  Less is more when it comes to living life to its fullest.  Do not be afraid to embrace the slow, simple and small things of life, you just might find you are abundantly blessed!