Happy Birthday Daughter!

I cannot believe my girl turned 14 today. We started out at Starbucks, worked our way to the mall and then ended up at BJ's for dinner. The most precious thing she said was to her 12-year-old brother, while shopping at the mall today she looked at him and said, "The best gift is you just being here with me." Now anyone who knows my 12-year-old son knows what a big deal this was. He did not peep one word of complaint the whole time; instead, he just smiled and followed, as we would pop into one store after another until she found the perfect pair of shoes. What amazed me about the whole day was how peaceful she was and content with what she was getting. We are watching our wallets because a wedding is coming up in the near future of our oldest daughter and so we had a limit to work with today and guess what? My girl was so OK with that. I see the fruit of the spirit just dripping from her character more and everyday. She is far from perfect my any means but what I do see is that she has a true heart for repentance and a gift of communication, which makes her a joy to be around.

I think my favorite part about parenting her at this age is the way she is not afraid to dream. She knows her God is big and therefore so is her dreams. She lives a life full of color, laughter and life that is just amazing to watch. She has a bold spirit, speaks, and lives the truth. She is not afraid to fall down and admit her failures and she knows what her greatest weaknesses are and understands her strength, something I did not get until I was way into my 30's.

So tonight, as I prepare to lay my head down, I say a special prayer of thanksgiving for the gift of this girl. God gave me the desires of my heart the day she was born and for all the dysfunction and brokenness she had been born into God has restored a 100 times over and she is living proof of the promise that God works out all things all things!!!!!! I love you Samalamadingdong to the sky and back.

Your Number One Fan