Hug And Release....

Day 23

Whispers from the Heart of God…..

Letting go is going to be painful and your heart will hurt, that does not mean it should not be done.  The hardest part of parenting is the hug and release, loving them enough while feeling the lose and still letting go.  I will catch your tears as you watch them wonder away.

Like you, I created your child to fly.  They will experience me in my fullness only when you back off and back away.  Remember how you found me, in your darkest places, all alone, crying out and looking up.

Not everyone has to follow that path but do not let your own travels prevent you from the hug and release.  You will not regret letting them go, this I promise you.

They will fall, they will fail and you will feel fear as you hug and release.  However, done right, you will also feel proud, brave, and even courageous as your child finds me in the falling and failing and getting back up.

I promise them as I have promised you.  I will never leave them or forsake them.  Those who seek me are those who have been given the go to find me, their faith has been given to them without being controlled. 

The hardest part of this job is letting go but I will hold you and I will guide you and you will know that I am your God as you let them go and watch them grow.

Love Your

You can do this :)

I Have Given You......

Day 22

Whispers from the Heart of God....

I have given you an appetite for greatness.  I have given you a longing for more.  You will find both when you focus on my face and not the trappings of this world.

Do not second-guess my will for your life.  You are hearing me clearly; do not be distracted by what others think my will for your life should be.   Those that think they know will knock you right off the path I have placed before you if you are not careful.

Your child like faith is what helps you know my heart and holds my hands.  As you reach for me, remember, I have always been by your side.

I do not give you guilt or shame, I do not speak to you harshly or condemn you but rather, in love you will experience discipline and consequences, as a father loves his child so I will love you.

You are a mighty warrior equipped for such a time as this.  Your body may be aging but your mind is young and your heart even younger.

Your appetite for greatness is something I want you to fully embrace.  The longing you have for more will be found in my will as you follow my way.

Love Your

Two Are Better Than One.....

BNL Retreat March 2012

Two are better than one.  “I am simply part of a whole”, ran across my mind as we all showed up but not showed off for a weekend getaway, sixteen women, sixteen different stories, sixteen different experiences and sixteen walks of faith. 

Sixteen reasons why I believe God is all about relationships and why Jesus spoke against religion. I sat around the dinner table listening to the chatter of fifteen women, most of them only meeting one another for the first time that day. A leap of faith and a shot of courage but they all did it, they all showed up without showing off.   

I think about all the times Jesus spoke to the religious leaders about such behavior and how he was against showing off.  I have no doubt in my mind that He was smiling as He watched us walk together this weekend.

An amazing thing happens when we leave our egos at the door and start to look outside of ourselves and into the eyes of others.  Two are better than one, there is a greater return for our work and if one falls down there is someone there to help us up. 

That is what happened this past weekend as sixteen women decided to step up and out in faith, to gather and grow in community one connection at a time.

A simple process took place, by listening well; asking good questions and pausing on purpose while trusting the spirit of the living God, we all experienced Jesus with skin on through the fellowship of one another.

Tears were shed, laughter was heard and friendships were forged as the weekend took off.  Mealtime became a memory maker as questions revolved around the table, one answer at a time.  We all quickly connected as we heard stories of yesterday, visions for the future and struggles in the present.

We promised not to change, fix or rescue one another but instead tried our best to point each other back to the one who created us.  We left all expectations outside the front door and judgment was not allowed to enter as well.

Through out the weekend it was evident that the simple message of the gospel is played out when we choose to participate rather then perform.  When we choose to show up instead of show off, all of a sudden it is simply just about being part of a whole and allowing God to do the rest.

Two are better than one!


It is never OK.........

Day 21

Whispers from the Heart of God....

It is never OK to make fun of others weaknesses, especially yours, even if it is not your struggle anymore.  Your testimony is not a circus act to sell tickets.  Do not ever forget that I show up best in the middle of your weaknesses.

Be prepared to share not perform, that is what you have been encouraged to do.  Do not make a spectacle of yourself or draw attention to who you use to be.  A quiet humble life is how you will attract the least of these.

You were not created for the audiences, the masses or public opinion.  I called you out so you could go back in for the one lost sheep that is curled up and crying out.

When people make a public spectacle out of finding faith, they make me unreachable and even though I am among the people, the performance done by the people prevents the hurt and lost from reaching out.

The message is simple and clear, through your quiet lives you will win them over.  Them, the least of these, the nobodies of this world I will make somebody’s.  The ones the religious leaders have no use for even though they confess "in Jesus name." 

My son never made fun of those on the fringes of society, never laughed at the least of these or those marginalized and neither should my people.

There is no room on this journey for sarcasm or crude behavior from those who call themselves leaders of the faith.  When my youngest are made fun of my heart hurts even more.

You need to speak up my children to those who think that the voice of the leaders is the voice of God, "not so!"  I would never speak to my children in away that would belittle them.  Stand tall, take the power from the pulpit and give it back to my people.

"I am not a show, I am not unreachable and I am not a formula to box up, book and sell."

Come to me, all who are weary, I will give you rest; I will give you strength when you are weak.

Never ever make fun of what is weak, as you will be making fun of me.

Love Your

Daddy's Girl.......

The smell of fresh cut flowers tickled my nose as I prepared them for their new place of residency.  Colors as bright as the rainbow danced all over the pedals as the green stems seemed to whisper ever so softly, "Stay for a while."

I was drawn into nestling in close to the arrangement so that I could take in every sort of sent that meandered my way from the bouquet to my nostrils.  If ever I was to be reminded of God and His glory, his imagination and creativity, it would have been at this very moment.

To think up such beauty takes brilliants, to ponder each pedal and to search for just the right sent, now that is a God who is into detail, deliberate devotion to bringing beauty to every possible creation placed before his children.

Now, the truth be told, if I am created in my fathers image, and an image far beyond what I can conceive.  Not to mention I am told by His truth that I have the mind of the Messiah, then I had better be prepared to create, invent and imagine beauty beyond words, smells beyond soothing that will reflect the fact that I am my fathers daughter.

It is an amazing thing to see, smell and feel God' greatness in the fragrance of a flower and see that I am made in His image.

Cris Nole

One of HIS kids

It Is Good..........

Day 20

Whispers from the Heart of God…..

It is good that you hope in me and the things unseen, this is the foundation of your faith.  You are a genuine follower when you place your trust in me more then man.  You will find freedom in your faith however small it might be when you choose to focus on my face.

I came to set the captives free, you being a prisoner of your past and now a victor set free, you can help others taste and see.  This is your story, your reason and your why, share with conviction, passion and purpose.

You trusted me even when you could not see me but rather the result of me all around you was a path that was less traveled but called your name.   Those who had gone before you who had experienced true healing and freedom, they set the streets straight for you to find your way.  Others who had met me on the path were willing to reach out and take your hand, your heart and help; you stepped out of the darkness and into the light.  I have asked you to do the same.

My child, you were created for the Promise Land, freedom from your past, your pain and even the undisciplined pleasures that prevented you from experiencing who I created you to be.  I whisper hope and healing into your heart.  When you find your faith a little shaky, remember my voice, your story and the places you have been.  I never forgot you and never forsook you.

Your faith married to hope will be your strength your food for thought and for your fellow neighbor, it will feed your soul and sooth their spirit.  Hope will be the four-letter word that will light your path and rekindle your soul.  Your spirit will soar when you remember the first time you danced with hope and carried, and delivered a message to those in need.

It is good my child that you hope in me.

Love Your

Common Sense.....

The Son who got us out of the pit we were in, got rid of the sins we were doomed to keep repeating. We preach Christ, warning people not to add to the Message. We teach in a spirit of profound common sense so that we can bring each person to maturity. To be mature is to be basic. Christ! No more, no less.
(Colossians 1:14, 28 MSG)

As the written warning on a cup of hot coffee bought at a drive through, drink is hot, you can be burned. We know that warning had been placed on the cup because someone was burned. Even though common sense would tell you that if, you purchase hot coffee it will be hot. With that said, I believe Paul was warning the people because the adding to the message was happening. In doing so, it was becoming a message only for the elite of the religious systems of the time. When in fact the message was sent for everyone to receive not based on bloodline, education or works. Profound common sense from the spirit so that all persons can be brought to maturity. This kind of maturity is basic, no frills or fanfare just Jesus, no more no less. 

I believe to be boldly basic I have to start with my heart. The birthing place of my pride if I am not careful. Profound common sense is an amazing gift that wins over the educated of this world. When someone with book knowledge is confronted with someone with the spirit of profound common sense, they become frustrated with the fact that they cannot change the other persons thinking or even understand it themselves. Today I will tattoo the words boldly basic and profound common sense on my mind as a reminder of what I have been called to do and be. I will not run away from educating myself but it will not be in my education that I will find what I am looking for.

Dear Lord,
I thank you for this message and reminder of how your spirit works. I thank you that you continue to teach me your ways through these quiet moments of my day. I will choose to rejoice in being basic and I will hold tightly to the spirit of profound common sense; this is who you have made me to be. 

I Created.....

Day 19

Whispers from the Heart of God…..

I created  the colors, sights, sounds and smells just for you.  Take it all in, and know they  are my gift to you.  From the soft subtle pink of a morning rose blooming on a spring day to the sweet sent of the Easter Lilly popping through the earth on a March morning, they are all for you.  Taste and see the good things I have for you.

Every good gift is from above, do not miss out in all I want to give you, now and forever. I created you to receive much and to give even more.  You were created for abundance, your heart has the capacity to contain much, to love deeply and to handle greatness.  To make the most of what I give you, you must be willing to give it away.

Do not be afraid of letting the good things go.  Letting go will prepare you for the great things I have in store for you.  Colors, smells, scents and sounds wrapped up in all I want to send down to you from my box of treasures above will arrive on your doorstep one experience at a time.

Those who are happiest on this earth are not those who hold on but actually the ones who have let go.  Those who are happiest are those giving away, crazy outrageous givers are those with the most joy.  You know your are truly rich when you are not tied to the things made by man and give away what was given by me.

Your neighbors are watching, your actions speak loudly, your trust in me will send such an amazing message of faith hope and love to the least of these and all who listening.

This world was not ready for all I had to give but I gave anyway trusting my gifts to those who get it.  I mark out the steps and the path of my people, the world will watch in wonder in how you will not buy into their message of materialism and walk away from fame.  

Colors, sights, sounds and smells, surround your daily life, unwrap the gifts I give to you and see that they are good.

Love Your

Wait On Me......

Day 18

Whispers from the Heart of God……

Wait on me, you can do this, be of good courage and I will give you strength and you will be of good cheer.  You will rise up like wings of eagles, you will run and not grow weary when you wait.

Your liberal soul will be made prosperous and as you give to others, you will be given too as well.  You reap what you sow and your good deeds will be noticed by all when you choose to give in silence, you do not need to take credit, be humble and watch what I will do.

Your gentle words and your kind speech will bring health to your soul and health to those in your presence.  Do not give up on the people around you, they do not know what they do.  Live your truth in such away that others will ask, seek and want to know your why. 

You once pushed me away as well and look at you now.  You once believed that I came for everyone but you but look at you now.  Your false belief was a lie that you finally kicked to the curb, help others do the same.  I was for you and with you even when you did not believe, that is the message I want you to share with others.

I call everyone out of the darkness, though many are too weak to come out on their own.  Go in, shed light, and show them the way.  I have not forgotten the weakest among you.  In fact, my heart hurts the most for those who are broken, beat up and bruised from trying to follow a set of rules instead of my son. 

I sent Him for the sick and it is still true today.  Broken hearts, sick minds, hurting souls and beat up bodies, my son came to restore them all.

Waiting is the key my child, I will tell you when to go and you will help to set them free.

Love Your

The Way to Communicate......

Day 17

Whispers from the Heart of God……

Prayer is the way to communicate with me, anytime, anywhere, we can talk.  We both need to interact with one another so that you can understand my character.   I am a whisper away, call out to me and I will be there.

You will hear me when you pray the question, how will you recognize the answer?  You must know my voice to hear the response.  It will take discipline and self-control to quiet the things around you so that you will know it is I. I believe you can be still and you will know my voice in the silence

Prayer is the key to peace as well, standing up, sitting down, it really does not matter how you pray just that you do.  When you quiet your mind and prepare to hear my voice, you also quiet your soul, which will open you up to receive the good things I give.  I have so much I want to bring to you.  My gifts are part of the plan and promise for your life, they will help you run your race. 

Stay in your lane, look up and out, not back, do not forget to stretch your muscles and tie your shoes.  I have given you my child a specific lane to run in.  You will reach people from your place in your race that others will not be able to because they were not called to run in your lane.

You will find faith to run your race every time you stop and pray to me.  I will help you stay the course.  I will cheer you on and shed light on to your path.  There will be times of darkness and despair but they will not define you but instead refine you.

Your place among the people has already been planned.  From the beginning of time, I knew what lane you would run, what race you would start and lane you would cross.  Stand tall, be strong, and do not give up.  I am with you until the end.

Prayer will be your key to communicate with me.

Love Your

You Are Wise...

 Day 17

Whispers from the Heart of God….

You are wise when you build your home with love, use your hands to lift up those you love the most that will be your legacy.  A good and honorable word spoken in love will be the very thing that protects you and those around you when hard times hit.  Speak gently to all you meet.

You are honest and your life is filled with abundance because you have chosen to follow my way.  Give thoughts to your actions, look ahead at the consequences, determine the cost and do not be deceived.  Many will want to distract you from what I have called you to do.  Stay focused on my face and I will lead the way.

Be strong, be brave, and do not be afraid.  I will be with you every step of the way.  You will find the reward when you follow me, it is more then a heavenly crown.  It will come as contentment, joy and even peace in the middle of the struggle as well as the victory.

I will crown you with knowledge as you except your assignment.  You will find you are not alone on this journey.  Look around; see who wants to follow me in you.  You inspire others to say yes to the pureness of the gospel and the love of Jesus.

Be patient, it will bring you understanding; follow it up with kindness and goodness, and watch, as others will follow your lead.  Remember, your wisdom comes from building everything with love; this is a sign of a dedicated follower who knows the truth.

Love will give you wisdom.

Love Your

Do Not Judge.......

Day 16

Whispers from the Heart of God….
Be careful not to judge, you do not know the whole story.  I have not called you to condemn or ridicule the hurt, lost or least of these.  Rather, use your gifts of listening to invite them in, listen to their stories and get to know their why.

People have seen so many counterfeits of me this is why it is so important that you show them the real deal.  Grace and mercy is a trademark of my handprint.  A gentle spirit is also a sign that I am among you.

You will be surprised at how much people share when you listen well.  You will make them feel safe as you stick to the truth and allow the spirit to lead the way.  Many who have called themselves followers of mine have failed miserably because they added to my message of love first my father and then each other.

I give you favor and authority to walk where others have been forbidden to travel.  You will be invited into people’s pain because my spirit gives you a peaceful confidence that allows others to feel calm in your presence; this is my present to all who are seeking.
 Do not judge.
Love Your

Roses, Moon and Stars....

Day 15

Whispers from the Heart of God….

When was the last time you stopped to smell the roses?  When was the last time you took a moment to make eye contact with the moon?  When was the last time you stood still long enough to count the stars?  I know these things seem simple and somewhat insignificant but they are part of the process of finding me in the mundane.

You will miss me when you rush and worry.  Slow down my child, put on the breaks and take a deep breath.  You do not have to do more or be more especially in my name. 
When was the last time you gave yourself permission to participate in a pause, take a leisurely walk around the block or even listen to music just for fun?  Unbelievably, your work can wait.  Your work will get done when you trust in me.

Let go of the grip of insanity, quit running so fast that you miss the point, the purpose of life is not about doing but rather about being.  Do not let the fear of stopping prevent you from living in the moment and trusting me with your future.

I make the flowers bloom, the moon glow and the stars twinkle, and I can help you find me when you choose to be still.

Stop to smell the roses, make eye contact with the moon and count the stars, you will see me in the middle of the mundane.

Love Your

Hands, Heart and Heaven.....

Day 14

Whispers from the Heart of God……

Look at your hands, your fingers, your nails, the tops and the palms.  Do you see how unique I made you?  You should smile at the way I systematically formed you from your face to your feet.

I have also made you to choose.  You get to use your hands to help or hurt, give or take, pull up or push down, it is all up to you.  Your choice starts in your mind, works its way to your thoughts and is produced in your actions

My will is that you will use your hands to help hold the hands of those around you.  I desire for you to reach out and in, touch the heart of the other souls sitting in your circle and beyond.  The gift of touch that comes with the use of your hands can bring healing and wholeness if you choose to do good.  

Though I created you to be with others, this is good, I will not make you.  Just like your hands, I also gave you a choice how to use your heart.  Will you love or hate, forgiven or regret, this is your choice? My will though, my child, is for you to use your heart to help  heal the hurting and  to love well so others will know me.

Your choice is your free will, a gift I gave you from the beginning of time.  I knew is was going to be a hard choice to let you, go but I also knew that perfect love casts out fear and as you grow you will choose what my perfect will has to offer.

With your hands and heart with holding and healing, with giving and receiving, you will find outrageous peace, perfect joy.  My will is only produced from my love, will and desires to see all my children healed and set free.

Your hands have the amazing ability to point people in the right direction, to write a word of encouragement and hold the hand of another human being.  Your hands are a tool to bring people in and help them find peace.

I have given you a choice, my prayer, will and desire is that you my child will choose to use your hands and heart to bring heaven to earth.

Love Your

Invite Others......

Day 13

Whispers from the Heart of God………

You are to invite others along for the ride.  Show them the way by pointing them to me.  I will show them just what I have planned for their journey, as I have done for you.

Be the Jesus with skin on for the people around you.  Pause more, speak less.  People need compassion not judgment, it will lead them straight into my arms.  When they experience my goodness they will not want to leave.

Hold their hands, do not be fearful of getting hurt, I will protect your heart when you reach out to the least of these.  It will not be easy, other will question what I have called you to do, but remember I called you.  Your heart can handle much when you trust me with the healing.

Others cannot understand the depths of the voice in your soul and the calling on your life.  Others cannot hear the still quite whisper that I speak to your spirit.

Go into your world, find those who are hiding out, those who are over looked.  They are in need of my love, grace, mercy, kindness and forgiveness. 

Everyone one of my creations has been created with my thumbprint on their hearts.  People have been deceived in to believing they must be good enough before I will love them, “not so!”

Offer you heart and your hands, put actions behind what you believe.  Do not forget when you yourself wanted to die and cried out to me.  Remember where you found me, in the depths of your despair, ready, willing and wanting to help you find your footing.  That is your message I have placed on your heart. 

The human heart is fragile, forcing my way in would only break it more, so, I wait and I love and I listen with out stretched hands for everyone who wants to, to take hold.  I will not let go, all you have to do is hold on.

The invite will come from you to them and you will erase the line in the sand.  With me, there is no more us and them.

Love Your


Day 12

Whispers from the Heart of God……

It takes courage to be spontaneous.  You must trust me when you let go and walk away from your plans.  They will be there when you get back and if they are not, just maybe they were never meant to be.

I will give you clear direction and vision but it will come after you let go, not while you are holding on.  You cannot handle what I have to give you if your hands are already full.  Feel the sweet release of letting go and grabbing on to the amazing gift I have for you.

My ways contradict man’s ways.  I will ask you to give, you will be told to take.  I will ask you to be still, you will be told to move.  I am found in the quiet moments of your day, do not forget, I am found in silence.

However, many of the ways of the world are not bad in and of themselves, thought they can become distractions for the plans I have for you.  Be aware of being caught up in businesses.  Watch your schedule, do not over commit or over extend yourself.

I am greater then your goals and the return for your work in my name is bigger then anything you can imagine or plan.  What appears to be small and simple will be bold and big when you bring your gifts to me.

I have loved you from the beginning of time.  Your life, failures and success do not surprise me.  You do not let me down because you do not hold me up.  You are a courageous woman with a brave heart.

You have the ability to  persevere even in the middle of being pushed down and around.  Rejection cannot take you out because I have chosen you.  That choice is greater then anything this world has to offer.

Being spontaneous will look irresponsible to those who do not know you.  Nevertheless, to those who know you well they will see it  just another part of your journey, another step of faith on your path of life.

Courageously spontaneous is a sign that you have faith in me.

Love your

You Can.....

Day 11

Whispers from the Heart of God….

You can find peace in your pain, though it is not easy it is possible.  Calm your soul and quiet your spirit.  In this peace, you will find that I have been there all along.  I will use every circumstance to connect you to others in your community and beyond.

I am found in relationships, this is why I have written, “it is not good for man to be alone.”  People are a peculiar bunch, be patient with one another and you will receive a perspective into the hearts of those I place in your path.

Your testimony will be a gift to many.  Your life, faith and obedience to the call will allow others to see that I am a good and gracious God.  When my son said “it is finished,” it was. 

You do not have to work out or get lost, you have been found, forgiven and set free.  The way to my will can be found among the least of you.  This does not fly in the face of conventional wisdom or fabricated faith but it is my way.

Life is hard but I am good.  You were created in my image, start to trust your instincts, imagination and creativity.  I created you to create as well.  Think with an open mind.  My message today seems just as crazy as 2,000 years ago but it is a message of hope and healing.

Love others like I have loved you, no strings attached.  What will happen when you live with a genuine authentic love?  The gospel will be heard through what you do.  My son will be seen as your savior because of the way you choose to live your life.

You make me smile like only a daddy could smile when he delights in his daughters.  In this world, you will have pain but you my child can find peace in such places, just look for me.

Love Your

Follow Me....

Day 10

Whispers from the Heart of God……

Follow me, smile, be silent, watch the children all around you be like them.  Want for nothing while expecting everything, that is how you will know my goodness is real and true.  The expectation of amazing things to come is my spirit leading and guiding you into your future.

Impossible is not in my vocabulary.  Your success is not determined by others opinions.  Spread your wings my sweet child, I created you to fly.

Taste and see all the marvelous mysteries that are at your reach.  Do not be afraid of falling, fear not getting back up and allow that fear to drive you to try again.  You can live the life I created you to live, one moment at a time.

The path I set before you is one made just for you.  Your feet fit the steps, the stones were placed along the road just for you.  Look up, look out and lead those who are following you.

You have been down several of the paths before but treat  them with respect as if they are new to you.  Each day will give you a new perspective, each moment greater insight.  I have given you wisdom and knowledge to follow your mind to know better how to walk in faith, hope and love.  Remember, love is the greatest of these.

Open your hand and get ready to receive, I have many things I want to give you with the confidence that you will give them away.  You know me because you met me, you trust me because you know me.  I will never let you down, follow me and see.

Love Your

See Me In Your Mornings......

Day 9
Whispers from the Heart of God...

See me in your mornings as you watch the sun peak over the rooftops and rise above the branches.  My strength is like the sunrise on your front porch.  Feel me in your quiet moments.  I will start your day with you if you invite me in. 

Take me with you wherever you go.  Remember, you are not alone.  Speak from your truth and remember you once were lost but now your found.  Celebrate every hour, minute second, knowing you have been given a second and third chance.

Look for me in others as you go about your day.  I hide inside the hearts of my creation.  I will not force myself on my people but rather I will wait patiently for them to respond to my call.  Ask, seek, knock, and do not forget you will find me when you look for me. 

Do not us or abuse my name.  Give from a heart of thanksgiving.  Stop arguing and start listening.  Broken people need to be heard to feel safe.  Because of me, you will have the ability to give back to many without loosing much.

Spread your wings, reach for the stars.  Do not forget where you came from and where I have called you to go.  Think before you speak and be thoughtful with all you do.  Follow as you are followed, lead as you are led.

I have placed strong faith filled followers around you to show you the way.  True leading is found when you hear my voice and follow my spirit.  See me in the morning and know that you are never alone.

Love Your

Do The Things......

Day 8

Whispers from the Heart of God...

Do the things I have commanded, it will protect your heart from pride and arrogance.  I will lead you and guide you in the way you should go.  Remember those who follow you.  You are not on this road alone, though there are few they are there.

More will come and you want them to follow for the right reasons.  Never use your authority to control or manipulate my people.  Because I have called you to reach the hurt, lost and left behind, they will be vulnerable to abuse of many kinds.  Treat their hearts with gentleness.  Look, them in the eyes, see their souls.  I will show you their wounds and give you understanding.

They are the lost sheep of my flock.  They do not recognize my voice because others have made a mockery out of my message.  I can be heard by everyone who listens but the voices must be shut down and the noisemakers shut out.

I am the one who made the rules, set the command and created freedom in the form of my son.  This journey can be lonely because the least of these can become scared of the unknown.  They will run away from you and the others when they feel familiar feelings.  Be patient with them as they realize you are one of them.  Do the things I have commanded you to, I will protect you.

The plan I have for all of you is to heal you and set you free.  Like Lazarus from the tomb rise up and walk.  Look around you have support of my people and helping hands to set you free from the grave clothes that bind you down. 

There is no need to fear your new life, my promises are true and I will never leave you or forsake you.  I am not like your earthly parents who cam with baggage and brokenness.  I am the way, truth and light. 

Your hands were created to serve, give and be one of my very own.  If you choose to be still, quiet your spirit rest your soul, you will find me and you will know that I am God. 

I want you to walk where I walk and see what I see.  My treasures are not of this world and my gifts do not shine like the new toys so many own. 

However, I promise you this, the more you know me the more you will recognize my treasure here on earth and you will be able to do the things I have called you to do and you will be blessed. Do the things I have commanded, it will protect you.

Love Your

Grief Will Give......

Day 7

Whispers from the Heart of God...
Cry, be sad and feel your lose. You loved them well, you loved them deeply . You called them mother and father, your heart will heal. Do not hold back let it all out. The memories are my gift to you, share with others.

Your grief is real and it is not over. Do not be afraid to continue this journey, your healing happens one moment at a time. I created you to cry, it is good for your soul. While looking back remember your future. You will take your memories of them with you into tomorrow. 

Though your children may forget, you will remind them.  Their hands, lips, eyes, all remind you of their face and body.  You will not forget, you hold them in your heart.

You will be stronger in your grief and teach others to do the same.  Remember, I show up best in your weaknesses.  You are not broken, even when you feel like you are.  Hand me your heart, share with me your lose.

I will show you amazing things when you let go.  You will survive, you will find answers and you will walk with others down the path you have traveled.

I will catch you, teach and hold your hands and you will never be alone.  You are strong, brave and courageous to allow yourself to embrace your grief.  Do not hold back, I am with you, cry, be sad and feel your lose.

Love Your

I Am Like The Rain...

Day  6

Whispers from the Heart of God...

I am like the rain, I will come one drop at a time and wash away the old and bring in the new. You will find perfect peace when you learn to fold into the moment.  Listen to me, my still quiet voice can be heard all around you when you turn off all the noise.  Do not be afraid to walk away from the chaos and the clutter, let go and let me lead.  You will gain much by trusting in me.

Truth is found not by chasing the wind but rather by standing still.  I am not lost and I am not hiding.  To much of everything is what keeps you from experience my peace, strength and reassurance.  Do not look to others for your  unanswered prayers, keep asking and wait in expectation, you find what you are looking when you look to me.

My promise is that if you seek me you will find me.  You must look it, is how you will grow, you must, or it will be missed.  I promise you a hope and a future but the road is narrow and not many choose to walk this path.

Yes, peace, I will give you but I will ask you to let go of the ones you love.  I will ask you to let go of the things you believe give you value and I will ask you to believe in who I created you to be.  You do not have to add to my message, decorate your story or leave out some parts.  All of you are needed for everyone to believe.    Your pain and your past are where I will help to minister to others in the moment. 

Look around you, see all the people wondering around, lost without any direction?  Give them your time, smile, talk and teach them about my love.  Your actions will be like schoolbooks and chalk boards.  I will shine through your life, your helping hands and listening ears will be a trade mark of my spirit in your life. 

The hurt, lost and left behind need to know that I have not forgotten them even when it feels that way.  Be my voice, speak up and into their shattered lives.  Tell them I love them and I want them.  Tell them that Jesus loves them just the way they are and my heartaches for them.  Let them know that their pain and loneliness does not go unnoticed.

Teach them to be still, help them quiet their souls so they too can hear my voice, see my hands and know that I am for them and not against them.  I have not abandoned my people, they just need to turn from all the clutter and clamor of this world, which is what is  robbing them from their true inheritance of healing and wholeness.

Remember, I am like the rain,  one drop at a time, and I will take your pain and bring you peace.

Your Creator

My Heart Longs...

Day 5

Whispers from the Heart of God...

My heart longs for the hurting, the lost and those who have been left behind.  My heart is broken for those who believe that I have chosen some of you and not all of you.  Because I love you I cannot, I will not make you come to me. 

Tell your story, show your scars, help them understand that I was there all along, waiting by your side to give you rest, peace and healing.  Let them know that you were not disappointed when you walked away from the play, the act, and the rules and straight into my arms.

I did not ask you to change, be fixed up, cleaned up or shut up.  You are a result of leaning into me, pressing into the pause and finding out that I have loved you all along, just the way your are.

Your righteousness is a result of our relationship not of your works.   What you are able to do today flows from what was done for you yesterday.  I gave you a place to rest your soul, clear your mind and energize your body.

Even though many claim to know me, they are missing the mark.  I love all my children, I am the creator of all.  People do not have to sell me, I am not a product.  People do not have to make a performance out of me, I am not an act or a play.

My creations are killing themselves from doing, going and trying to be more then I made created to be.  There is only so much my children can bare before they will break.  They need rest, permission to say no, mean no and wait for their yes.

I will show them, I will lead them into what they were created to be, they must just stop first let go of all the world has to offer.  Trust me, give to the poor and watch my power show up in a profound way. 

The world will try to choke out my children’s peace but pause, pray and be patient, you are given all you need to be who you are.   When others claim to know me, remember the mark of those who know my heart is not in what they do but what has been done to them.  You will see the fruit of my spirit flow from their soul, love, joy, peace, patience, goodness and self-control will be the sign of my spirit in the people.  My heart longs for the least of these.

Love Your Creator


Day 4
Whispers from the Heart of God.....

Look at my word, what do you see?  Proverbs tells you that greed will cause fighting but trusting in me will lead you to prosperity.  Also, whoever gives to the poor will lack nothing.  Trust and give, have and want not will be the result.  There will be those around you that will disagree, but true prosperity is not about the money or making a buck but all about balance.  Trust me with what you truly treasure and you will find peace and joy, contentment will flow from you soul. 

I will not disappoint you when you surrender to my will.  Freedom will lead you and my peace will allow you to prosper.  You have the mind of Christ, use it well to lead the hurt, lost and least of these.

I know my truth can appear to contradict itself but in all actuality, it will help you stay the course and run your race.  Serve me with all your heart and you will find contentment there as well.  Your purpose and my will cause you to jump out of bed everyday with a fire in your belly and a burning in your soul.

The world is at your fingertips.  Give as I have given to you.  Remember, you will lack nothing when you do my will.  Trusting and giving will lead you to the abundant life you have been longing for.

Smile from your soul, you know the secret of success and you are more then willing to share the way.  Yes, I have said there will always be the poor, so ask yourself why?  Know this answer and share your desires.

Help those who have been oppressed and those who have success.  Be a bridge between the two, a gap filler to bring community together.  Do not listen to those who doubt me or discourage you, ignore those who want to add to your plate and cause you to stumble.

Look at me, ask, seek and knock, I will always answer you when you seek me out.  Today is the day I have made, rejoice and be glad because I have chosen you for such a time as this. 

Look at my word, what do you see?

Your Creator