Thank You 4 Your Yes!

Dear Family and Friends,
I write today with a grateful heart and a spirit of gratitude for all of you who have chosen to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the least of these.  As of last Sunday, we have accounted for almost 400 incarcerated sisters in regards to the Christmas card outreach.  That is amazing, considering we are at the time of year where most people seem to be the busiest and spent all around.  Yet, you said yes and because of that, a life will be touched through your encouraging words and prayers.  I am also overwhelmed with the fact that many of you who said yes had your own struggles you are working through but that did not stop you.  This is proof once again that God does show up best in our weakness. 

Please feel free to connect to the ministry web page down below and see all that we do.  If you are interested in any part of the network let me know.  As one of the National Representatives as well as the California Rep.  My goal is to help connect volunteers and equip local leaders in our communities, to prepare them for the women as they are being released back into our communities.  I am a believer in community; I am a result of my community loving me well as I found my way out of my own prison and back into a place of healing and wholeness. 

Also, a great big thank you to The Midnight Smoker BBQ, The Way of Life Ministries and Simply Serving, your heart to connect community has helped bridge a gap for people to serve!

Cristina Nole

National Speaker
Daughters of Destiny
Mrs. Sacramento
United States

Mrs. Sacramento

The Front Porch

Buried Treasures!

Deep within the fabric of the American way, buried on the outside of many towns all across America, hidden among the American dream are treasures ready to be found.

Like a piece of fabric woven together, these treasures, each one, representing brokenness behind bars, a life just waiting to be set free.   I took my first step onto the prison grounds, my eyes started to well up and tears  started to flow down my cheeks.

This was the very first time in my life that I actually felt like I was standing on Holy Ground. I could feel the presence  of God right there in a place where most people did not choose to go and where many never get to leave.

I entered the camp, signs of prison life where sprinkled through out the yard. The bars on the windows were visible, the chained fences around the out door activity centers were evident and the guards through out the walk way were a sure sign that I too had entered the other side.

With all the signs that were coming at me, saying with out words “you have arrived”, I still did not see one prisoner.

My first experience with God’s broken daughters came as we entered the faith-based dorms. The women greeted a team of us with cheers, tears and hugs. It felt like arriving at a family reunion, meeting relatives for the first time, recognizing the family resemblance in our brokenness.

An overwhelming sense of God’s presence kept my tears coming as I watched women praising God in all their brokenness. They danced and sang as if they had just been released from the chains that kept them bound.  I had fallen in love with these women immediately and when our time with them that evening ended, I found it very difficult to leave.  

The next day, still no prisoners to be found, even though all the signs of a prison yard were in front of me just like the day before all I could see were beautifully broken woman.  I was still in a place of disbelief, I almost felt like I was playing a mental game of hid and seek and that any moment I might find a prisoner just standing in front of me.

These women came to hear the message; some hearing for the very first time that there was away out of the shame and guilt of their past and a hope for their future. The fear of the unknown, the fear of going back to what I only knew, that was a prison sentence in itself. Fear of rejection from a world that requires perfection, fear of failing and falling short of the standards of society.
I saw more freedom in those three days then I had ever seen through the doors of a church. 

Woman praising God as they stood stripped of everything.  It is written, “You must loose your life to gain it”. And though most did not hand it over they did loose it and the benefit of that was evident as I spoke with many woman who came to realize that the bars they use to curse were now the very thing they thanked God for.

The lie these ladies believe, “You are worthless”! “You are what you did”! “You are forever condemned.”! Those words are flung at His daughters from the dark side. It is those of us who have traveled that road, who have been healed and set free, that are being called to go back into those places and break those lies.

As I sat among the inmates preparing to deliver a message, I could feel God speaking to my heart. He wanted me to tell His daughters’ that they were beautiful, I fought with that because I thought they must already know it; can’t they see what I see? I was quickly reminded about the time that very word was spoken into my life. When I was called beautiful by a new friend, inside I felt angry and wanted to shout out at her, “You don’t even know me”! “You don’t know what I have done! 

That simple word spoken into my life eventually became my truth.
So in faith, when it was my time to share I got up, looked out into the most beautiful sea of woman I had ever seen and simply said, I have a message from the Lord. “Daughters you are beautiful”, that is all I said, then I started walking up to individuals and speaking that truth into their lives. 
Woman were crying and praising God and I believe for the first time in many of their lives they started believing that they were beautiful because of who they were not because of what they did, a lifetime of lies, broken with three words, “You are beautiful.”

My time came to an end and it was time to leave.  I was blessed beyond anything I could have imagined. The women  came up to me and said “thank you” and I just looked at them and said “no, thank you.” They let me into their pain they allowed me to enter into areas where no one else had ever gone. I learned along time ago that you cannot  keep it if you are not willing to  give it away.

Many of have asked about these woman, where they came from and what they did. We did not ask those questions, it did not matter to us anymore than it did to God.

I will tell you though, that I did meet mothers and sisters, daughters and grandmas. College graduates, pastors and ministry leaders, doctors and lawyers, drug dealers and robbers, hookers and abusers and addicts and winos. But that is what they did not who they are. The woman I met, the buried treasures behind bars where beautiful daughters of God.  They were daughters’ of the maker of this universe and the creator of all mankind.  

Buried Treasures Everywhere!

"Beauty From Ashes"

Who I Am!

I am a woman on a mission with a passion to minister, mentor and motivate community leaders on how to  advocate for the prisoners inside and outside the prison walls. 

Currently I am an ordained minister with The Way of  Life Ministries in Sacramento California.

 National Speaker with Daughters of Destiny prison ministry.

Titleholder for  Mrs. Sacramento United States preparing to run for Mrs. California in 2012

 Life Coach in the Sacramento area through community service projects.

·          I believe helping women find their voice, tell their story and live out their dream is the most powerful gift we could give them.

·          I believe it is possible to break the cycle of brokenness when given the proper tools to restore, recover and redefine who they are and who they see them self’s becoming.

·          I believe beauty is caught not taught and complete beauty is a byproduct of knowing who we are, body, soul and mind.

"To bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes"

Blessings Behind Bars!

Dear Front Porch Community,
A few of you have already heard of this mission, but many have not. Daughters of Destiny national women’s prison ministry has the wonderful opportunity each year to bless Inside Daughters with a little message of love in the form of a Christmas Card.
Very few inmates receive encouraging mail throughout the year let alone at Christmas when they are feeling especially lonely. A cheerful card reminding them of what God did through His Son Jesus because of His love for them can bring joy and peace right into her cell.
Please consider being part of this year’s holiday blessing. If you're involved with a women's group at church or in the community please invite them to help as well.  We have thousands of ladies in the Daughters Network in correctional facilities all across America who need to know someone cares.
We will provide a list of incarcerated women with their address for you and/or your group. Your part is to purchase the Christmas cards and postage.  It is also very important that when you mail the Christmas card(s) you use the Daughters of Destiny P.O. Box as the return address.  We will send you a list of guidelines and you can always contact our office with any questions.
If you choose to be involved, please respond right away to  with the numbers of cards you would like to send.  You will receive a list and mailing guidelines within a few days.
Thank you and bless you for considering sharing in this beautiful blessing of His daughters. 

Mrs. Sacramento
Cristina Nole
Daughters of Destiny
National Speaker

Time To Fly!

I think as of yesterday I finally understand what the butterfly must feel like when it first takes flight. 

Spreading my wings and flying in the direction the wind blows, trusting that God is bigger then my doubt and more faithful then my fear. 

Fully confident in my calling to reach out to the least of these, the hurt, the lost the left behind.  I will not be shut down or shut up any longer.

Turning off the voice of the crowd, the naysayers and the doubters and running my race set before me.

Mrs. Sacramento
Cristina Nole
Daughters of Destiny
National Speaker