Schools Is In Session!

Dear Friends, just a quick note to say “hello” and a simple note to share with you my readers where I am at in this season of my life. As of last week, I am officially a student, back in the system of academia.

As someone who thrives on time management, I am loving the process of deadlines, calendar usage, to do lists and sticky notes that are needed for keeping up with class work. It is nice to know that these skills are coming in handy for more then homemaking. As a student, I am now faced with deadlines that need to be met for me to move on.

Guess what, I already know how to do this, why? I have been practicing time management now for eight years, hard to believe, next month marks the spot, the month I fully surrendered and found my way to the one who could set me free.

Learning to walk in freedom also has taught me to embrace change, with that said; I am in the process of changing my blog server to fit my heart and passion for the people that have placed within my reach. I will post the new blog address as soon as the new site is fully loaded. I am finally reaping the rewards of waiting on HIM for the last several years.

With that said, I would love to ask you to continue to keep me in prayer as I transition into a knew season in my life. My family has been nothing but supportive and my husband has been my biggest cheerleader, when I feel like I cannot he reminds me I can.

I will let all of you know as soon as my new blog site is up. Thank you for your love, support and encouragement; I am a product of my community loving me well.