Happy Anniversary To Us...

Tony and I just celebrated 21 years of marriage.  Three kids, one grandchild and journals full of entries and stories of a couple who made it against all odds.  A couple who learned to walk by faith even when it seemed fuzzy.
We took the entire family including some close friends to a rented beach house on the cliffs of Aptos.  The view was spectacular and the company just as amazing as we toasted to the sunset and sipped wine to close the day.
Here are just a few snap shots of the great time we had.  Hard to come back to the reality of the everyday ordinary but it only makes the anticipation of returning next year more exciting. 

A day on the boardwalk

Family Time
Nearest and dearest
Big Mac
Gramps and Big Mac
Our View
Our Wine Expert

21 Years of  "I DO"







1. Hershey kisses
2. Walking along the shore line
3. Watching the changing of the guard
4. Couch time with a loved one
5. Beach trips with my tribe
6. A good book and a long afternoon
7. Road trips with people I like
8. Painting outside the lines
9. Telling stories
10. Listening to stories
11. Frozen yogurt
12. Sparklers
13. A first kiss
14. Barefeet on cool grass
15. Longest day of the year
16. Homemade limoncello
17. Looking at baby pictures
18. Spoiling grandchild
19. Bike ride for fun
20. Calling an old friend out of the blue