My Mission Statement/Purpose

My life purpose is to intentionally bring God pleasure in all areas of my life, first through my thoughts and then my actions. Next, to use my life experiences to serve him through the body of believers. I will dedicate my life to embracing, spreading and teaching the word of God to others, while focusing on reaching out to my community and beyond being a character witness for Jesus Christ, reaching out to the hurt and lost of our world. While remembering to stay connected to other believers, just as iron sharpens iron my faith will grow as I am sharing it with other believer and allowing them to share their faith with me.


Welcome to EncourageMeNews! said...

Cris, I ran across your blog name while reading the She Speaks blog. Thank you for putting your mission statement on your blog. It's a great thing for each of us to think about and then write (making it official). We shouldn't be aimlessly wondering around this life of ours. God has given each of us a purpose. Now that I've seen your mission purpose, I'm convicted to writing one for myself!

I Hope to see you at the She Speaks conference some day. I'd really like to attend this year if I can get the money together for it. I first ran across the She Speaks conference in 2003.

Cindy Daniels
Columbus, Ohio

Anonymous said...
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