Name Calling

I did not realize how much I missed hearing my name called out in the grocery store until this morning.  “Cris, Cris Nole!”  The sound of a somewhat  familiar voice came from behind me.  A hug to my heart as my new friend greeted me with a warm hello. 

Coming from a community where I lived for almost 17 years, going to the store without running into someone I knew was virtually impossible.  I learned about ten years into being a resident of my last community that it was important for me to leave extra time to visit with people in the market, gas station, parks and sidewalks.  These connections gave me the sense of belonging that every human being longs for. 

Needless to say, yesterday when I heard my voice floating through the air at the local super market, I felt like I was at home for the first time since moving to our new community.  It had been over three months since I ran into someone I knew.  It has been lonely at times, standing in line with my groceries and not recognizing a single soul.

Hear me out.  It is not that I have this need to hear my name as much as the need to  connect into community.  I love people, strangers are just friends I have not met yet.   This is why leaving my life, as I knew it after all these years was not easy.    

However, I am able to celebrate  a new chapter in my life, all because someone called my name out loud.  I am  looking forward to hearing my name more in the middle of the market, at the mailbox and on the sidewalks.  When I hear my name, I will know that  I am connecting more  into my new community.



Abhigyan Saha said...

Dear Cris Nole,

I was just visiting other people’s blogs when I happened to stop by yours. The Front Porch is a very beautifully designed space, as serene as the name suggests.

I read the piece ‘Name Calling’. I felt touched in some way, I could connect to it. For work related reasons, I have stayed away from home for many years. When I go home on vacations, I feel very disconnected, though I know I belong to the place, the people there. The reason is that people do not know me as well as they do my family who stay there. So I miss the thing about old friends calling out your name from amidst the crowd.

Hope to read more of it in the future. I like to doodle out thoughts in my blog. Do visit if you find time and share your thoughts. God Bless You.

Regards, Abhigyan Saha.

Lee Gunnell said...

I live in London, England; one of the worlds busiest cities. It is not overly common to hear your name called out, probably because it is so noisy.

Anyhow, I like your blog - will try to keep up with it.

jennifer anderson said...

i hear you! said...

so nice blogger

SweetMelon said...

A name's meaning changes each time it is used. A mother's call to have dinner differs from a friend's call to hang out. A policeman's call to pull over differs from a navigator's call to drive ahead. Name is always abstract, never settling; it is a person, a place, and an idea. Name is a thing.