Letting Go So I Can Be!

Have any of you ever given something up, only to take it back again? A good friend of mine brought me a book to read this past Sunday, written by a local Pastor and in it, he spoke of coming to the Lord daily empty handed. As I read those words, I was quickly convinced, put the book down and realized that the heaviness of my day and the weight of the load I had started to feel was from my own doing.

It did not happen over night, it actually has been a very slow process, creeping up on me ever so slowly. I found myself recently frozen in my tracks, unable to move forward in the things that use to mean so much to me and just going through the motions of my everyday life.

I had chalked it up to this time of the year, this season in my life and even an illness I deal with daily. But the truth being told is that I took back my own agenda, schedule and to do lists, I started holding on to them rather tightly over the last several weeks and months, instead of coming to God every morning empty handed, actually handing over what I thought I needed to do trusting that He would lead me.

This morning I made a commitment to myself to do just that. Woke up, took my list of things I had to do and surrendered them all, every one of them. What I came to realize is that when God is leading me, it is relationships first and the rest falls into place. The tasks for me naturally follow, I am fueled by connecting with others, which then gives me the energy to get the tasks done naturally, and they become second nature.

When I hold on to my lists, my schedules, I become task driven, success focused and I loose sight of the most important calling of my life and that is to just wear HIM well. Jesus set the ultimate example of being in the moment and being in relationships, He was never to busy, too tired or too consumed with His to do lists to stop and listen to those in His path.

Today, my goal was not to check off every thing on my list but rather accomplish those things that I felt led to accomplish and be OK with those I did not but amazingly enough, everything got down, something I haven't been able to say in quite sometime.

Between all this I was able to meet a good friend for breakfast, finish most of my Christmas shopping, touch basis with three different ministries, attend a doctors appointment, make dinner, go on a run, spend time with some good friends this afternoon, read a great book, make dinner, clean out my office, prepares to wrap Christmas presents, make a handful of phone calls, set a date with my husband and end the evening reading with the kids and my mom, WOW! All because I came empty handed before the Lord at the beginning of my day.

Friends, I share this with you not to boast but rather to give you hope. Because it is a struggle for me, it is such backwards thinking in our world today. On my own, nothing ever seems to be done, completed or started. Many good ideas are thought about, goals are set and a few things happen but when I trust God, it seems like the impossible happens and I find myself ready to wake up with open arms once again, truly surrendering, not so that I can do but so that I can be.


Amy Carroll said...

How did you know that I've been needing to hear this? Thanks so much, friend. I'm going to leave this on my email so that I can read it again when I need to over this season.

Lysa TerKeurst said...

Thank you for this post Cris. Wise and beautiful words.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing. I love you my friend because you can share with the world your inner struggles and put them out there for all to gain strength from. What freedom it is!!!! If you need anything please let me know.


Anonymous said...

That is an awesome blog. You are truly amazing. I need to be spiritally reminded everyday of this. It has been so hard for me the past couple of weeks trying to juggle tasks and the feeling of being overwhelmed is exhausting. Wow, one day I may learn.

Anonymous said...
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Jill said...

Cris, I loved reading your words - a really picture of what I need to do! Sometimes we really need to let go of all we have in order to embrace all He wants to give. Sure sounds simple enough, but seems to be a real challenge for me. I pray you are enjoying the Christmas season! What a nice post about your daughter - she looks so much like you!! Blesssings, Jill

Anonymous said...


Your writings always touch my heart. Thank you again for sharing your day to day journey. Perfect timing too, over the last few days I have felt myself getting frustrated and stressed over “my” plans and schedules. It tickles me…you’d think by now I’d have this down, He’s ways are always better.

Much love,


Anonymous said...

Cris, Thank you for sharing your heart. I finished reading this with tears in my eyes (overjoyed for you) and desperate to learn the same message. My heart is so full today with joy for what God is teaching me through amazing friends like you, His Word, and prayer. Thank you for "wearing Him well" and for sharing Him with others. You are a dear friend and sister in Christ.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your post. I actually don't remember why or how I had your blog saved in my favorites. I saw it and thought "what is this"? I opened it and read "Letting Go So I Can Be". God works in incredible ways because I really needed to read this. You see, my husband has been having an affair, had a baby with her and left me alone this Holiday Season to be with someone else even though, we had decided we were going to work on our relationship. I have been looking after the baby who is now a year and missing her because since he went on vacation the Mom does not want her to come over while he is not here.

I have friends that I talk with about my situation but they are tired of hearing my heart-ache. I realize now that God does not get tired hearing it and actually wants me to give him my problems. He wants to take them from me and give me peace when I ask for it.

Thanks again,


Deanna said...

Wonderful post! I needed this. Thank you SO much!

cautious1 said...

Thanks for this reminder! I am notorious for making "To Do" lists so this really speaks to me! God Bless!

Nat said...

Hi Cris! I randomly opened your page that I hadn't been to for months, and what a perfect timing! God truly is Amazing, and I can confirm that your words are true. With the Christmas season and all the business involved, I found myself getting only more and more behind on my to do lists...it wasn't untill I got on my knees and asked my Heavenly Father to lead me through the day, when things started to get accomplished! Thank you for posting!
Happy New Year!!!