Outrageously Ordinary

Melt into the mystery of the moment.  Embrace the kingdom of the mundane.  It takes faith to live in the now and not venture out into the future. 

Yesterday I was visiting with a friend, catching up and reflecting on how long we have known one another. 

Twenty plus years our friendship began.  We married and had children all around the same time.  We have struggled and succeeded through the depths of depression and expression. 

In the years, we have known each other; we both have learned the importance of expression in the ordinary moments of our ordinary lives. 

Both being women of faith, we agreed as we shared about our journey thus far, that Jesus was all about the ordinary.

He lived an ordinary life and hung out with ordinary people with not so ordinary pasts.  They were people such as the drunks and the heretics, the dropouts and the prostitutes, the losers and the drug addicts. 

Ordinary people with no so ordinary pasts, that were who Jesus embraced, my friend and I could identify with those people. 

We have spent years healing from our own broken places and past so that we could live in the now. 

We realized our struggles created the strength in both of us that has allowed us to embrace the mystery of the mundane, the outrageously ordinary moments of our lives.

It takes faith to live in outrageously ordinary.  It takes faith to embrace the kingdom of the mundane, yet the result is this love and passion for others who live in the middle of the mundane as well, others who share a similar past who walk on a similar path.

Ordinary people living ordinary lives with not so ordinary stories.  I might not be where I want to be but I am not where I was.  This is a saying many of us from that path share.

Today I choose to embrace the moment and trust God with my future.  I thank him for the gift of friendships; He has placed on my path, friendships that have allowed me to be me.

Ten Good Reasons To Be An Ordinary Person
By: Veronique Vienne

1.  You can throw away your junk; You are not saving it for posterity. 

2.  Whey you fall asleep hugging a pillow, you do not think that you need to talk to your shrink about it.

3.  You derive great satisfaction from walking your own dog.

4.  You can miss a day at work and the world will not end.

5.  You have nothing to hide and no place to hide it.

6.  You do not travel the world in search of what you have at home.

7.  You do not have to get all dressed up to go get a sandwich.

8.  No one notices whether your car is clean, the inside of your closets are neat, and your fence is freshly painted.

9.  You do not have to try to make something out of everything.

10. You are enlightened, though you do not know what it means…

“Why be happy with more if you can be happy with less?”

Thank you for letting me share.

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