Front Porch Ministry

Who would have ever thought that running my race would mean sitting down. Yet, I am finding that the race I have been called to run, is all about being still, not just with God but also with others. Being fully present and fully aware of who I am with and what is going on. That is running the race set before me.

Yesterday I found myself sitting on my front porch from 11AM until 5PM, what a race I was running. People rotated in and out of chairs, back and forth up and down and in and out all through out the day. The race set before has been a race of reaching in and reaching out to those around me. Being still in the moment and in a spiritual race that is what it is all about.

Sitting on my front porch has become away of life for me. It represents my ability to allow myself to be fully exposed. I can sit and welcome others into my life as well as enter theirs as we sit and share what is going on in our everyday life.

It is on my front porch where I can connect with my family and friends, where I can listen and be heard. I can seek forgiveness as well as forgive just by being still.

So, if you ever find yourself driving down my street and in need of a front porch moment, don't hesitate to just stop and enjoy the stillness of the porch and enjoy the race.

Running my race
Cristina Dolores

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