From My Husband

Hi Gorgeous,

I heard today, that today was tell someone how much you love them day. So here goes;

I am so looking forward to our vacation

I can’t wait to take some long walks on the beach with you

I would take a long walk on the pier, but I tend to get hurt on the pier ;-)

You are my best friend

I believe that God’s ministry for me is to be your partner and supporter and I am so looking forward to being there for you

I am so proud of you for who you are allowing God to turn you into

You are truly becoming a Proverbs 31 women

I believe this quote truly sums up our love:

True love is what you've been through with somebody.

Love always and forever…..


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Melanie said...

oh my goodness - this is the sweetest post! And then i read about he potato chip incident and laughed out loud - i think the way you love him is precious. sounds like you have a wonderful family! mel