What Is Your Dream?

Please keep Steve and Donna in your prayers as they passionately pursue the dream God has planted in their hearts. They are an amazing couple with a heart for our community and my family has been blessed to have walked through the last decade with them, through the calm and through the storm and it has been worth it all.

Our Dream.

By: Steve and Donna Whiting

We would both be healthy, free from disease.

I would never set foot in JOB again! Instead, we would own a franchise of BBQ joints (not fancy, just friendly) scattered across the US. Maybe a dozen. These would be financially successful restaurants that are open to public patronization but mean much more to their communities. They will offer a free meal to anyone who needs one but cannot pay. A place where we can close the doors to the public (or not), and serve our family and friends as we gather together to worship God in music, fellowship, and with messy food.

Each restaurant will be available for church gatherings and ministry meetings at an affordable cost. They will offer catering to church events again at an affordable cost. Each restaurant will be a Christ centered fixture in their community and everyone in town will know it.

They will be profitable. Enough so that we can have a nicer home in a nicer area and never worry about finances again. So that we would be able to give freely to the charities of our choice.

These restaurants will be run so efficiently that we can get away from the business for long periods of time to do whatever we want. Wherever God takes us. Travel, cruises, ministry callings, BBQ cook-offs and competitions. And we would WIN every one of them!


We can be like Forrest Gump. So financially sound that we spend our days mowing the church lawns for a living with not a care in the world.

And when it’s all said and done and our time has come to an end-We would stand before Jesus and He would be happy.

Steve and Donna

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