Living In The Why

So it wasn't the sea of Galilee but it was the American River. What is it about water that brings our soul to a place of peace and inner rest? What is it about water that makes us feel alive and well, strong and courageous and able to open up and share things we typically would no share in the hustle and bustle of our busy day on land away from the flow?

Yesterday I was suppose to be in Israel and though I did not make it to the Promise land I did experience the Promise Land in and around me as I stood at the waters edge contemplating life and the call with a friend and fellow sojourner. It was an experience that came out of a volcanic eruption that caused a sudden disruption in our travel plans.

I am finding though, that the truest of all ministry happens right in the middle of all the disruptions. I am finding that this kind of ministry can only be seen through a special kind of lens and the stillness of ones soul. As a result, instead of standing at the Sea of Galilee contemplating the fact that I was going to get to walk where Jesus walked, I was now Resting on the River in America contemplating why Jesus walked where he walked.

As much as I wanted the where to be there, it is the why that changes lives. Was not the original Promise land all about changed lives? Was not the original Promise land all about being set free? Free to be you, free to be me? Because of the cross the Promise land is now with in reach, it is not an actual place we have to travel to, of course unless you are looking for a history lesson.

Jesus put it wonderfully in the book of John when he said to a broke lonely woman that the time had come that where you go to worship will not matter but that you will worship in spirit and in truth. As I stood by the river bank yesterday I felt like I understood that statement even more, drinking in the moment, getting more familiar with the friendship and feeling free to be me.

Therefore, whether I am standing at the Sea of Galilee or roaming the American river I will always remember that the Promise land lives with in me. I am looking forward to one-day getting to step in the places my Jesus stepped but for this moment I will be glad to just live in the why of where he stepped.

The truth is that God is all about reconciling people first to himself and then to each other, that is what the why in Jesus’ footsteps were all about, standing in the why, living in the why and building relationships in the why, makes the journey to the Promise land one of the greatest adventures in my life.


Jill said...

Great words Cris and so much truth! Isn't it amazing how God changes our plans and can teach us lessons we didn't expect but yet are so precious!! Thank you for your insight - good stuff! Blessings and praying that trip will happen in His perfect timing and feel it will be even more powerful after this latest revelation! ~ Jill

Anonymous said...

No doubt you are blessed by God and prayers of you beloved that complete your trip.

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