Welcome To The Change!

As I step out of one season and into another, I decided to let the season flow over into my blog as well. I love how God comes along and gently allows certain doors to shut and giant chapters to come to an end. I have spent the last several years drawing closer to my creator through the wonderful world of running and all of a sudden, that running has come to a stop. Once again, I have to stand back and revaluate my life, my race and my purpose. For the longest time I thought it was all about the race but most recently I have come to realize that it is more about the journey and in the training of the race.

I learned to live in the moment and trust God with my future. I had a hunger and a desire to be like the turtle, living my life at a slow and study pace. My motto for years now has been just that, "be the turtle", until recently when I was visiting my favorite little town in the world, Auburn, with a good friend of mine. I usually am just a window shopper on my Friday jaunts up the hill but not this day, there was a piece of artwork that had been made just for me. Sitting on the shelf in one of the corner shops was the most amazing little porcelain statue of a turtle working its way out of its shell. It was as if I could hear the thing come to life, saying, "Becoming the turtle", what a defining moment of my race. All these years I thought it was just "be the turtle" how wrong was I; it was about becoming the turtle. I had to chuckle as I picked the little piece up and made my way to the front counter to purchase myself a gift.

It was that moment and that day that solidified the direction of my race, from being to becoming, from the race to the journey. What had brought me up to Auburn that day had been the process of years in the making of becoming the turtle, a time of pulling away and a time of just resting as the week comes to an end. It has been in the journey of finding my Auburn that I have learned to live in the moment, taking in every wonderful breath that God has given me and in so have found a heart to help others do the same.

I have a passion for helping teach, train and provide tools for those who have chosen to live life intentionally, for those who want to press into the pause and celebrate the very moment they decided to embrace, which I like to call, “living in the now”. Those of us who have been called to follow Christ, know that we have also been told to choose life, don’t worry about tomorrow and rejoice in the Lord always. These three actions take practice, they take perseverance and they take endurance, which is why I think for so many years I could relate to the physical part of running my race to the spiritual side of my life.

Wow, can you imagine what your life would like if you decided that today would be the day, not someday, but today would be the day that you chose to live the life that God has called you to live. Imagine you opening your calendar and placing the words “choose life” on Thursday June 26, 2010. This would be a day to celebrate!

How do you live the life you have now just chosen? You make an active decision to be involved in the ministry of the moment, which is where living life really happens. It is focusing on what is going on in your own life as well as the life of others around you and allowing God to take care of the rest. It is about actively sitting still and becoming aware of who you are and what you are in the very moment you have been given.

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