Day Of Rest!

Today was my day of rest, my Sabbath if you will. Instead of taking off to the hills of Auburn, I decided to stick close to home and instead of going to Auburn, I created an Auburn moment just blocks away. With my journal in one hand and my computer in another, I headed to the local coffee shop and open shopping center to sit in the sun and soak up the surrounding.

Finding Auburn for me over the last several years has been all about pulling away from my everyday routine and just pressing into the ear of God. I write in my journal, pray, read and sometimes I might even surprise someone with a phone call.

Today, because I chose to stay rather close to home, I had more time then usual and I thought I would surprise my husband with a gift for his month of birthday. He was born on the third of the month, a great reason to buy him a gift and tell him how glad I was that he was born.

I do not know if I would have paid much attention to the fact that today was his month of birthday if I had not pulled away, another good reason to step away from the everyday routine as well. I was so excited when I realized that one of the things he has always wanted, at least over the last several months was a titanium crystal wine glass, as soon as the store was open, I was in there made my purchase and headed home to surprise him with his month of birthday gift. Needless to say, he was surprised with the gesture, front porch here he comes, new glass in hand and wine from his rack, happy month a birthday to you.

It has been a great Friday, relaxing and enjoying my weekly Sabbath, being intentional about breaking up my routine and finding ways to bless those I love the most. Now off to a youth rally with my teen. Hope you all have a great weekend, remember, do not forget to rest.


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Melanie said...

Hi sweet friend, soooo enjoyed your blog - interesting term, "auburn." I love how your writing helps me focus on Jesus and focus on being PRESENT. Love it! Praying foryou today, wish we could go for a walk together!