Greetings From The Front Porch!

Thank you all for your prayers, they were felt as I traveled up the cost and into Humboldt County. Boy is it good to be home and back in my own bed.

OK, so the question I have is this. How could something that looks good from the outside be so toxic on the inside? Looks sure can be deceiving can’t they? My goal for the trip was to take care of some of my cousin’s personal property and bring back some of her belongings such as old family photos and some of her family jewelry.

Very long story short, her home was untouchable, at least to me. Mold has taken over her floors, walls and items in her dresser drawers and bathroom. I have week lungs and I just could not afford to comprise my own health to bring back some of the items she requested. Knowing that she will never be back in her home again made it a hard decision not to go back but also knowing that I can end up sick myself and of no use to anyone.

I ended up spending a few days reconnecting with her neighbors and friends and taking care of some of her request in regards to the end of her life. At first, I felt as if I wasted my time but realized once again that people are more important then even property and I focused on the relational side of the trip until I had to go.

When I arrived back in Sacramento I contemplated telling her the truth in regards to her house but realizing that living in the moment and trusting God with the future meant I needed to be honest with my cousin if I really did trust God. I shared and she listened well, she was a little disappointed but agreed like so many others that my health was more important. We will be looking into her insurance company to see what they cover and go from there.

I am so grateful for the support of my family and friends who as well live with the Front Porch philosophy, helping me stay in the moment. I am blessed with a great circle of people who remind me what is most important in life. The examples set before me help me stay the course as I find myself so easily being sidetracked wanting to leave The Front Porch and look for more when all I have been called to do is be there in the moment.


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