Happy Saturday!

Greetings from the Front Porch!

Happy Saturday my friends, it is a beautiful sunny after noon here in Sacramento, thank you God, just what I prayed for. It seems like lately all we have had is fog, which is hard to get excited about in the morning when trying to get up and go.

It almost feels like a tease, just enough to get us through until the springtime and just enough to remind us that summer is not to far off as well. Our windows are open and our screens are being used, I love letting fresh airflow through our house.

The kids are outside playing and we are preparing to celebrate Tony being one year older, you could not ask for a better day to celebrate.

Lately I have been so caught up in the care giving that I have forgotten to just take in the moment when I am not at the nursing home. Today I did just that, took a deep breath for myself and then started my day off early, walking and shopping and not rushing but relaxing.

We are just a few hours away from the party and I am able to still see the warmth coming down on the front porch, my heart longs for my chair and the long days of hanging outside. Thank you God for the gentle reminder that seasons do change.

I hope all of you have a fantastic weekend, looking forward to Spring Time on The Front Porch, many surprises to come.


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