Healing Rain!

Greetings from The Front Porch!

Healing rain is a real touch from God. It could be physical healing or emotional or whatever.

Michael W. Smith

The cold hard cement pressed against my hot sweaty back as I lay down to stretch the muscles in my legs, I hoped as I laid there that I wasn’t in an oil spot left from the car, but my muscles needed stretching more than my clothes needed to be kept clean.

I felt like a sunflower with my face pointing and reaching towards the sky hoping to catch a glimpse of the sun peering through the clouds. I told myself that God had held back the storm just for me so I could finish my run with out the rain.

At first disappointment hit me, I saw drops coming down towards my face as if someone was holding a water can just above my head. The drops bounced off my sunglasses and dripped down my cheeks and my disappointment quickly turned to joy.

I reached for my mp3 player, tucked my ear buds in my ears and turned up the music. I started to sing aloud towards the heavens as I watched the rain continue to come down on me.

I love how God has repeatedly turned my disappointments into delights and given me the desires of my heart even before I ask. I love how He does not take the storms away but rather enters into them with me.

Sitting there on my back, letting the rain come down on me was a gentle reminder of how healing comes out of the rain, without the storm there is no rain.

The rain represents truth, healing and hope, for the physical, the emotional or whatever!


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