Feet on The Front Porch!

Greetings from the Front Porch!

Feet on The Front Porch, that is the best way to describe what it felt like to enter into my morning with a dear friend who said yes to an invite.

Tap, tap, tap, came the noise from the Front Porch window, it was just a few minutes past the changing of the guard when I looked up and saw the biggest smile and brightest eyes looking through my window and waving at me as if to say “so glad to see you, are you coming out to play?”

I had just recently posted an invitation on Facebook, looking for someone who might be interested in joining me on an early morning run. Of course, when I posted the time to meet, I got mostly laughs and jeers, go figure, people laughing at me for wanting to run at 6:30AM, I just don’t find that funny! OK, there would have been a time I would have, but today it brings me joy, I love starting off my morning with a run and I just thought it would be nice to begin it with a friend.

A friend finally responded with a “I will meet you on The Front Porch at 6:30.” Because she had not put AM or PM I wanted to clarify the morning time and make sure she was still willing to be my running partner. To my surprise, she was and her arrival this morning was a sweet surprise but not as sweet as the run and the conversation, we had.

We took off from the front porch and jogged into and throughout our neighborhood, we chatted about school and kids, parents and friends. She spoke truth into my life about the way I was raising my son and she allowed me to encourage her in her life and the way she was choosing to find her voice.

It was like we had taken the Front Porch with us on our run, our shoes had become our lawn chairs and with every step we took, we entered into one another’s stories at times almost having to stop because laughter had taken over. My friend has a smile that is contagious and her laughter is like a hug to the soul, her energy alone helped me set my pace.

As we finished the run, I found myself thanking God for the way He had intentionally placed this friend in my life so many years ago, knowing that we would be running one day through our community laughing, sharing, and preparing to connect with others who are in our community as well.  Watch out for the date, a fun run coming to your local community.

Thank you my sweet running friend for tapping on my window this morning and for putting feet on The Front Porch, you are amazing!

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work:

Ecclesiastes 4:9

Do you have an activity you enjoy doing? I challenge you to reach out to those in your circle and invite them in, see what will happen when one becomes two! We were created to live in community, either for a reason a season or a lifetime.

Thank you for visting The Front Porch!


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