Happy Father's Day

Greetings From The Front

A day to remember and a day to be thankful. As I sit and listen to my children prepare breakfast for my husband my own mind wonders back in time.

Early morning greetings to my gruff father who showed little emotion,that fact still never stopped all six of his children from pouring on the love and celebrating this day.

We had a tradition of baking cakes for all occasions not just birthdays, so there was nothing more enjoyable then gathering around a Father's day cake and singing to the most important man in our life.

It has been thirteen years since my father passed away and not a day goes by when I wish I could bake him just one more cake. As gruff as he was he always let us know that we were his priority and that being a husband and a father made him rich.

As the smell from the kitchen tickles my nose I am brought back to the moment. I hear my son making his own traditions in the kitchen. He is preparing breakfast to honor his hero, his father.

I watch how my children have grown to love and respect the most important man in their life and it makes me want to bake a cake and sing.


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Hi happy father day to all of you i love my father very much and i miss u so much...