Make The Most Of Your Time...

 Day 2
Whispers from the Heart of God...

Make the most of your time, it is short, they will be gone soon.  Celebrate when they soar, it is because you let go well that they can fly.  Smile, speak gently, love deeply, they will take all three with them wherever they go. 

They will look back on their yester years and smile at all the marvelous memories you made with them.  Fire pits, the front porch, singing in public, 4th of July, midnight snacks, snow days, the list will go on. 

You taught them how to be still, to know my voice, to love my people and to welcome strangers.

They will remember me, they know me well.  They are young but they are wise.  Continue to pray for them as they learn to grow in their faith and gifts.  Your letting go has allowed them to grow.  Continue to do so, you will not regret what might or will hurt your heart but the out come will be worth the pain.  I did well when I called you to be their mommy, so make the most of your time.

Love Your Creator

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