I Created.....

Day 19

Whispers from the Heart of God…..

I created  the colors, sights, sounds and smells just for you.  Take it all in, and know they  are my gift to you.  From the soft subtle pink of a morning rose blooming on a spring day to the sweet sent of the Easter Lilly popping through the earth on a March morning, they are all for you.  Taste and see the good things I have for you.

Every good gift is from above, do not miss out in all I want to give you, now and forever. I created you to receive much and to give even more.  You were created for abundance, your heart has the capacity to contain much, to love deeply and to handle greatness.  To make the most of what I give you, you must be willing to give it away.

Do not be afraid of letting the good things go.  Letting go will prepare you for the great things I have in store for you.  Colors, smells, scents and sounds wrapped up in all I want to send down to you from my box of treasures above will arrive on your doorstep one experience at a time.

Those who are happiest on this earth are not those who hold on but actually the ones who have let go.  Those who are happiest are those giving away, crazy outrageous givers are those with the most joy.  You know your are truly rich when you are not tied to the things made by man and give away what was given by me.

Your neighbors are watching, your actions speak loudly, your trust in me will send such an amazing message of faith hope and love to the least of these and all who listening.

This world was not ready for all I had to give but I gave anyway trusting my gifts to those who get it.  I mark out the steps and the path of my people, the world will watch in wonder in how you will not buy into their message of materialism and walk away from fame.  

Colors, sights, sounds and smells, surround your daily life, unwrap the gifts I give to you and see that they are good.

Love Your

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Kelline said...

It's absolutely true that the best part of life is in the giving. If we will just look at it with open minds and hearts, we're never more alive than when we empty ourselves out for others and then allow the Lord to fill us back up again.