You Are Not Crazy.....

Whispers from the heart of God...

Day 24

You can be angry and love, you can cry and laugh all at the same time.  You are not crazy when you feel more then one emotion at a time; that is how I created you to be. 

I have told all my children that in this world, you will have trouble but it does not mean you are weak or less of when you do.  I do not expect you to be perfect just to participate in the life I have given you.

I do offer you perfect peace and love, which can cover all the pain and hurt that you have and will go through.  Do not run from your feelings they make you who you are.  Embrace your emotions and dance with your dreams.

Do not be discouraged when you face trials, they are only temporary.  You will find peace in the middle of all your pain if you choose to persevere.

Walk straight up, straight forward and straight into my love for you.  You have confidence and courage when you trust in me with faith like a child.  I will take care of your heart when you are hurting and I will laugh with you when you are laughing. 

You can feel more then one emotion at a time, you are not crazy and you are not alone.

Love Your

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