If Walls Could Talk

Dear New Family,
Welcome to your new home. If these walls could talk they would tell you many stories. They would start on a spring day in 1996 when a couple with two daughters one nine and the other five-months.

My family and I moved into this home after my husband and I had been married for almost three years. We found out we were expecting our son when our youngest daughter turned one. A surprise to say the least. However, a blessing in disguise.

These walls would tell you of a man who found his faith right in the middle of his struggle. When our son decided to come into this world two months early, I had been the only one going to church, taking our daughters every week. My husband would tell me “that God stuff is fine for you but leave me out of it.”

God used the early arrival of our boy to catch my husband’s attention. When he finally came to faith, he embraced it with all his heart and soul.

These walls would tell you of a woman who spent the first half of her life under this roof crying, hiding and wondering if there was a purpose to all her pain. These walls would tell you how on a late fall night God met her like He met her husband. The walls would tell you how a woman who came to the end of herself found the beginging of her Creator and a powerful testimony unfolded.

These walls would tell you of a man who loved enough to let a woman go, faith in God to bring her back. The walls would tell you of a family who fought their way back from broken places and pieces to healing and wholeness.

These walls would tell you of a family who held tight to their faith and believed in His truth that two are better than one and a greater return is what they experienced when they chose to fold not just into their family but also their community.

Almost seventeen years have come and gone since our family moved in to 8101 Golden Vista Way, little did we know back then how hard it would be to leave.

From the friends who are like family living in front behind to the left and to the right.

Please know that this place was much more then a house it was a home. Love kept it standing and faith kept it growing.

The front porch is a representation of our faith in an outwardly expression. It progressed over time, not always looking so inviting but as we grew so did the porch.

We pray that you find love, hope and peace as you fold into making memories and embracing the community, one front porch experience at a time.

Cris Nole

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