The lovers, the dreamers and me....

How can it be that two people who have not talked in a while, who are on opposite sides of the country could be thinking about the very same thing at the very same moment and when they connect, they are both shocked and surprised?

That is what happened last night when I called my sweet soul sister and we started talking,  only to find out she has been pondering the teachings of Kermit the frog as well. The lovers the dreamers and me.

I was sitting in the same parking lot I had been sitting in just two weeks earlier crying, stuck in the wash of shame for making a life choice that was good for me but felt more familiar, like a quitter from my past. Only to come to find out that the recent choice led to open space to follow the lovers the dreamers and me, and I stepped right into another piece of my calling.

Now two weeks later no tears but rather giggles and ah ha moments with a dear friend over the phone. We both realized that it is a brain thang, not what we do but how we think, that matters most, as a woman thinks she is.  Two women of faith who are choosing to believe we are forgiven and free and are walking or hopping like our hero Kermi.  We know it's not easy being green but someone has to do it and we both raise our hands and say pick me.   We will be counted as two of the lovers and dreamers.

I will be counted as a women who is not afraid to leap into the life God has created for me. Not forcing my way but letting the wind lead me. Which lands me into deep conversations with soul sisters as I had last night?  It leads me into ice cream trucks, care units and chaplaincy calls. 

I have a choice to sit back and watch or jump into this beautiful crazy messy thing I call my life and I choose to leap in with all I have. I am grateful for that phone call last night, conversation, connections and understanding, needed at just the right time. 

Words of wisdom and encouragement from a friend who shares the same calling to live in the middle of her message, forgiven and set free. Thank you sista you know who you are.  You held sacred space for me last night, not judging me but cheering me on.  Thank you for laughing with me and at me and giving me permission to do the same with the way you responded so beautifully with your words and your silence.  

You are a gift my friend and I truly carry your message with me every time I step into my yes where I only see what's in front of me. Keep telling your story, it helps other lovers, dreamers, and me!

Thank you for letting me share.

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