Just Be

Today I choose to do one thing.

  I choose to live from the inside out.

    I choose to follow the spirit inside me.

       The spirit that moves like the wind.
           The spirit that cannot be seen, yet leaves its mark.

              choose to do one thing and that is just be me.

Happy Monday my blogging friends.  Summer is coming to a close and the greatest gift this season has given me is the ability to be.  Be in the moment, be me and be free. 

Thank you to all those teachers who have taught me the skill of choosing.  I was not born knowing how to choose but rather, those along the way who loved me enough to stop and take the time to show me how to make choices and wise ones at that.  I stop today and pause and pray, I whisper a prayer of gratitude for each of you.  A gift you have all given me along the way.

Thank you for letting me share.

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