Check mate!!!!

Unchecked anger can lead to sin which leads to death. Today I had to deal with just that and I didn't want to put it in to check because I knew that I would be prayed over and something in my flesh just wanted to feel the pain and lash out. Thank God for the power of the Holy Spirit who doesn't allow us to stay there to long and has given us the choice to say no to the things we once said yes to. So I picked up the phone, called a very good friend of mine who I knew would not let me marinate in my own pain but rather remind me of the peace that is promised to all His children.

The question I must remember is not why Lord do I have to go through this but rather how Lord do you want me to go through this? Sometimes I can slip back into worldly thinking and truly believe that something like health issues should not be a problem for me. I almost ran with pride and tried to walk alone. The prayer and encouragement today allowed me to step past my fear and be bold in an area where I typically would shrink back.

Today represents another move for me in the right direction. Stepping out of fear and into freedom. I know longer have to shrink back, shut up or back down. I can ask questions, seek answers and expect results.

Running my race in a lane called "Grace".

Cristina Dolores

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