Value Me Value You


  My value is not visible.  Who I am and my net worth is not something the human eye can pick out like an item on a shelf or a picture in a book.

  As I continue to walk by faith and let go of my things and stuff, I have come to see the true value in who I am and it is surely not my things and stuff.

  I have learned through my struggle that my value is not even something I can put into words, hold onto or touch.

  Letting go of believing that my value is in all the tangible things and stuff in my life has allowed me to be free from judgment over myself and others.

  When I finally embraced the truth of value, my eyes were open to a deeper more realistic way of living. It gave me an amazing amount of peace that  allows me to overcome the feelings I have of being less then and not enough.

  If value is not visible then how do I know that I have it?  Being still, that is the key.  Knowing the creator of this universe and looking for value with the eye of the one who made me allows me to see beyond my own opinions of my struggles and judgments. 

  When man was created it is written, “it is good.”  I am valuable because HE created me, simple but profound truth.

  Value is not in the visible.  I will not try to hold it, wrap it, or sell it.  I will live in the mystery of the unseen and look at the results instead. 

  When I value me, I value you that is the result of this truth.
  I will pray for peace, for pure revelation for this world that is in need of the mystery of the unseen value in every human being.

Thank you for letting me share.

Cristina Nole

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