Hemorrhoidectomy ( I think it's a word)

I asked my dear friend, the owner of the brush, to write from her perspective of the whole toilet, paint brush incident. Of course, I wanted you all who were reading to capture the moment, so I decided to recreate the day. So, even though this isn't the original picture, it is very close to what my dear friend saw when she entered my rest room to relieve herself of her coffee habit....... Friends from P31, notice the beautiful pink book. So, enjoy part two of lesson of the day.

Part 2 Lesson of the day!!!

I always enjoy sitting with my friend on her front porch. This particular morning I had one too many cups of coffee and needed to use her bathroom. Rushing in so I could get back to our in-depth conversation on the pro's and con's of owning an ice cream truck, I was immediately grateful that I looked before I sat because there, in the toilet, was my paint brush, extra long handle, sticking straight up from the toilet. My mind went where is shouldn't but I quickly composed myself and pulled the brush from the bowl, placing it ever so cautiously into the sink. Knowing my friend I just sat on the pot and did my duty, not bothering to flush the discolored paint filled water because, quite honestly, the designer in me was curiously what color it would make when I was done. As I sat there contemplating life, my mind, once again wandered where is shouldn't and I began to come up with all kinds of reasons why she put MY favorite paint brush in her toilet. Was she getting back at me for all the innocent sarcasm that had gone between us for the last year? Surely our friendship was stronger than that. I knew she would begin to wonder why I was taking so long so I finished, flushed, and washed, knowing I would never be able to look at that paint brush the same way again, or even my friend for that matter. My hysterical laughter broke into her deep meditation as I opened the door. I told her what I had found and the look on her face was worth the humiliation of almost receiving a hemorrhoidectomy. She gave me some lame excuse about how I had taught her to soak her paint brushes and the beauty of the toilet was that all she had to do was soak and flush. Easy cleanup. I KNOW I NEVER taught her that. Anyway, I was glad to hear that she wasn't mad at me for any reason and our friendship is still solid as a porcelain toilet bowel.

Written by: Christine Joy

Monday, May 12, 2008 (Part 1 for those of you who missed this blog)

Lesson of the day!!!!!

Note to self, don't leave paint brush in toilet when company is coming over. Especially if the company is also the owner of the paint brush. No joke, I did just that and I got totally busted, caught red handed. My good friend, running buddy and fellow book end came by today to join me on the front porch but before she sat down she asked if she could use my bathroom, of course she could, why would there be a reason not to let her?
Reason, I had been painting earlier that day and had everything cleaned up and put away except for one little item, the brush, not just any brush but my friend who was now getting ready to sit on the pot's brush. I could blame her for this, she is the one who taught me to just leave the brush in water until I had time to rinse it out. OK, she used a bucket, I chose the toilet, it was flushed, clean water and it wasn't like anyone was going to eat off the thing.
Needless to say, when she came back out side to join me on my front porch, I was just a tad embarrassed by her question. She wanted to know why there was a paint brush in the toilet, I proceeded to remind her of the lesson she had taught me last summer while painting my daughters room and then informed her that it was her paint brush I was giving a little bath to.
Now, this friend of mine has truly been given the gift of laughter and humor, which made the situation even better. I can't even imagine if someone I hadn't known stopped by and they do and tried to use my john, what would they have thought? I actually thought it was a pretty sticking bright idea if I do say so myself. Though, I think I will buy my friend a new paint brush instead of returning the old one. What can I say, thank God for good friends......


Anonymous said...

This is way too funny. It has me with a smile right now. I will however, think twice about what I loan out to you. LOL

Love ya,


Deanna said...

Too funny! S sent me over to 'visit' and read all about it! lol