My BFF, a little TLC with a little OMG!!!!!

Today my BFF came over to give me a little TLC and I was so OMG when I realized how much she really loves me. She understands the ministry of the suddenly and when I needed her most, she was there. Today is the day I rejoice in a friendship that has been in the making for years. A friendship that has been tested by fire, almost taken out by pride and restored by the Spirit. I have to say, I feel like my BFF has been given the raw end of the friendship when it comes to the two of us. She is everything I dream I could be, a lady from the inside out and someone I want to be when I one day grow up. She is quiet, I am loud. She is gentle and I am hard. She is soft where I am rough, can any two people be so different? Yet, I have to say we do have away of complimenting one another and I believe that our friendship is a testimony in itself to what God can do with two broken people tired of fixing each other and ready to follow in His footsteps and not the others.... My BFF is always there for me and when she isn't I am proud of her, because I know how hard it is for her not to. Thank you my best friend once removed you Rock!!!!!!!

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Wendy Pope said...

I love my BFF, too. I am so thankful God gave them to us.


Can't wait to see you next month!