My Legacy
(Something handed down.)

( An assignment my dear friend Rene gave during a retreat and this is what I came up with, thank you friend for the push.)

What I would like to leave behind in the moment and in the future and what I want people to think about when then think of me.

Living in the moment, loving deeply, forgiving quickly and laughing often. Wearing Jesus well, acting out of faith and loving people out loud. Being a friend, finding a friend. Sharing what I see and seeing what I share. Never giving up or giving in. Entering into others pain as well as sharing mine. Loving the unlovable, reaching out to the forgotten and finding the suffering. Being available, being intestinal and making myself present for the people around me. Praying more, listening often, speaking less. Being a director and not a fixer. Accepting, encouraging an including others. Running my race and cheering others on in theirs. Taking a breath, pausing for a moment, slowing down, reflecting on His love. Being about His business, minding my own. Being accountable, being authentic, and being me. Celebrating out loud, crying, singing and dancing everyday. Holding, hugging and kissing those I love. Saying I love you often, finding the good in everyone. Never being to busy to give an ear a shoulder or a hand. Living from thanksgiving and walking by faith.

Running my race allows me to leave a legacy……


Anonymous said...

Great Post! Looking forward to meeting you @ She Speaks Conference!

cautious1 said...

What a blessing you are to all those that you meet, whether in prison or on the street! I don't know what your story is all about, but it is clear that you are living a life of obedience to God. It is obvious from your postings that you are clearly running your race in the shoes of a Christian. You have a great way of wording things. I really enjoy reading your blog.
Have a blessed day! :) Beth

Deanna said...

What a great post! From what I understand you are already a willing participant of most of what is on your list! I know you've been a blessing to Sherri. Enjoy your day! I added you to my blog list!