The Truth About Pain!!!!

Kyle Anthony Vito Perez-Nole
June 10, 1997

As I reflect back on the day my son was born, 11 years ago yesterday, I can't help but thank God for the life lesson that I received out of it today. Isn't God good? Lessons that come to us years after the teaching. Vito, my son, came into this world two months early and had to have a chest tube because of a collapsed lung , as well as a ventilator to help him breath. Anytime they had to change it I would have to leave the room, the pain was so great on his little body that he would scream so loud that it would break my heart. Everything in me yelled "take him away"!

How could I explain to him at that time that the very thing that was causing him so much pain was also the very thing that was keeping him alive?

Then I thought about the body of Christ and remembered what it was like as a new believer. Many times I wanted to run from the very people God had called me to walk through life with. When I was young in the faith I did not understand the need for relationships, and functioned in them out of duty rather then devotion. The truth was, those relationships, how ever difficult and painful they were and are, are still the very breath I need to keep me alive. Relationships to the Christian is not optional, just like the breathing tube wasn't for my son. If I would have grabbed him and ran, he would have died.

Many times I have wanted to run hard and fast because of the pain the comes from living life together, instead of confronting and communicating. I wanted to hide and deny the hardness of relationships, I wanted the pain to be gone at whatever cost but for that to happen my breath of life would have been taken away. The reality is this, Satan does not want me to be in relationships because it is there where I can best glorify my creator, especially during the hard times.

Today my prayer is not for God to remove the pain but rather for guidance and direction to deal with it instead. I will not always know if the pain I am enduring in the moment is the very pain that is keeping me alive, so I am not going to take a chance and try to remove it myself but rather trust my God and His promises so that one day when I get to look back on these moments I will be able to say.

"The very thing that was causing me so much pain was also the very thing that was keeping me a live!"

Kyle Anthony Vito Perez- Nole


11 Years Old

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Renee Swope said...

Amzaing post about your little man and your Big GOD!! I love how you learn so much about yourself and about Him through everyday life. It challenges me to have eyes that REALLY see!

I love you friend!

PS> Happy Birthday Vito!