Some Where Over The Rainbow!!

Who would have thought that on the other side of the rainbow I would find fellow journey women who were seeking the very same thing? A push in the right direction, someone to catch them as they jumped into the unknown. P31 became the physical hands of Christ as women leaped in complete fear, doubt and trembling towards their calling.

I have just returned from the Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference held in North Carolina and it was truly an amazing experience. I went with my ministers eyes rather then my speakers, writers or leaders eyes. I prayed that the Lord would allow me to reach out to others and to wear him well as woman from all over the country and beyond came to a place where relationships shined first and ministry followed second.

I also prayed that I could give back to a ministry that has given me so much. A voice, direction and a love for my Christian Sisters that had been lacking for most of my early years in ministry.

Somewhere over the rainbow disguised as a pot of gold where the hands of Jesus formed by many women who have a passion to lead others in there calling. She Speaks allowed women to jump bolding into their calling, to face their fears and do it anyway. It wasn't and isn't a conference about woman learning to speak or write or lead but rather a conference about the three flowing from a relationship with their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I have watched the women in this ministry grow up in a mighty way over the last four years and it has been an incredible journey to stand back and watch my sisters break out of their cocoons and spread their wings and fly.

They each wear Jesus well as they focus on His face while looking at the face of others. The messages were rich, the time well spent and the relationships were formed through faith and obedience of these women who have walked out in their calling, willing to share with others who have been called to do the same.

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