Going the distance!

Part 2

The gift of going the distance in prison ministry is that we get to witness the lines of race, denomination and gender being crossed. Not only do we get the privilege of observing the lines being crossed, we actually get the opportunity to participate in crossing the lines ourselves.

It is when the lines are erased that we can truly minister to one another and be ministered too. I have had the benefit of experiencing this kind of ministry, true iron sharpening iron behavior.

Saturday’s event

The women come to us hungry, hurting and ready to be fed. We arrived not in our own strength but in His and with anticipation, we all gathered to watch God pour out and move in a miraculous way.

We came to testify, teach and train those who are otherwise forgotten behind bars. We came to pray, love and encourage those who where preparing for their release. We came to listen, cry and just be with those who would never walk outside the walls.


We not only saw the lines being crossed behind the prison walls but also in the pews of the church. We were invited to celebrate church with a local congregation as well as spend time with a few more Daughters Free. We were not asked because of our skin color, sex or church background but rather because of our love for the Lord and our passion for the prisoner. From the outside and by all appearances we looked like we were just visiting but as worship began and greeting continued it was obvious that we were seen as family, sharing the same Father and the same faith.

We joined the congregation after service for a volunteer luncheon that they had put on for those serving in prison ministry. We spent time taking pictures together as if we were long last family members. I wanted the time to stand still but I also wanted to get back home to share with those in my circle what is looked like to go the distance and to cross and erases all lines that keep us from wearing Him well.

“Running my race in a lane called grace”

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