Change of address!

Thank you all so much for your patients and prayers over the last several weeks. I have been a little slow in returning phone calls, emails and keeping up on my writing. I always say, "I have my plans and God has His." His plans are always better since He promises us a hope and a future; just sometimes, it is hard to remember that in the middle of a struggle and trial.

What started out as a summer visit just three weeks ago quickly turned into a change of address for my mother, sooner then expected. Plans were that she would visit us for a couple of months, try and sell her place in Southern CA. and then start the process of moving in with us, slowly and leisurely in our timing.

After being here only a few days she asked if we could talk. I am learning to break the habit of defaulting to negative thinking but I did go there and thought "oh, is she already tired of us and has changed her mind about the move?" However, it was just the opposite of that.

My mother is a C.O.P.D. patient with Emphysema and on oxygen 24/7, I believe that information will help you better understand how all of this played out over the last several weeks. Therefore, as I sat with my mom on the front porch, thinking the worst, she actually told me she thought it would be best if she made the move permanent now. OK, I was a little surprised and had to laugh at myself for even letting my negative thoughts pass through the stop sign of my mental traffic controller.

That happened on May 26, just three days after she had arrived. Her breathing had become difficult and she was having trouble with energy and feeling not so well. We as a family were happy to go from future planning to now, we could see that my mom needed care and we are in a season to be able to help her. My mom and I went from worrying about making the move happen to it just happening. It was sudden and so simple and really put our priorities into perspective on what really matters most.

For the next week, she continued to struggle with her breathing and just could not get enough sleep. She was looking tired and weak and I was becoming fearful of not being able to care for her if something really were to happen. Then on Wed. night two weeks ago, during the most incredible lighting storm we have seen in the Sacramento
area in years, I had to rush her to the E.R. on doctor’s orders. Thank God, for my husband, his discernment and wisdom to take over where I just could not. He stepped in and said we needed to get her to the doctors, no more waiting.

On June 4 at 1:00AM, they admitted my mother into the hospital for a 5-day stay, she was diagnosed with pneumonia and for a patient with lung disease it could be fatal. She had tremendous care through it all and the blessing in disguise was that she was informed about her disease and how she could learn to function with it. We found out the C.O.P.D. and Emphysema was not a death sentence and that there are things she could do to help her function better in everyday life. This forced her to also find a primary care Doctor immediately and was open to the doors of pulmonary rehab, something she had never been offered.

I spent most of my days and evenings with her, mostly just being by her side. This is a new town for her, a new hospital and doctors she had never met. She arrived in such a frail state, I had a hard time leaving her every evening but I would hold her hands and pray for her before I said my goodbyes and my goodnights. Everyday I saw her gain a little bit more strength back and come to life a little bit more. By the time she was released, it was as if I was taking a new person home, it has truly been a miracle to watch.

She has now been home over a week and yesterday she started working out to build up her muscles in her lungs to help her breath better. Today she even reminded me about working out. Yesterday she was a little more tired then usual but I had to remind her that she moved around a lot all by herself yesterday. Things she normally asks us to do she was doing all on her own. That has been so cool to watch!

I believe the greatest miracle here is not necessarily in the physical but rather the mental and to see her with such a positive attitude towards herself and her life. She has been an encouragement to me as well as an inspiration. Thank you all once again for your continued prayers and for reaching out and checking up on us. I will be posting pictures really soon. Have a great rest of your week.

"Running my race in a lane called grace"


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Lysa TerKeurst said...

What an amazing testimony of the Lord's provision and protection for your mom... and for you.

Hugs across the miles dear friend!