Big Foot!

Today is the day we celebrate in the Nole household, or at least my 12-year-old son believes we should be and as his mother, I am. Today is the first time since he was a toddler that I had to buy him new shoes not because he wore them out but because he out grew them. This is a big deal to my up and coming teenage son. He wants to be a man so bad but is still such a boy. As he put on his new pair of shoes to shoe me how they looked, all I could think about to myself was “who do these big feet belong to,” what is happening to my little boy?

Of course, he had to call his father and inform him that he was now only four sizes away from being the same shoe size as him. My husband is my son’s hero and I know he dreams of growing up and walking in his fathers’ shoes, I just did not think it would happen this quick.

So, as I prepare to put my computer in hibernate mode and my head on the pillow, I think I will say a prayer of thanksgiving for the newest season in my life. A season of feeling rejected when really I am loved and trusted. A season where it isn’t cool to kiss my son in public, smell the top of his head in front of his friends or ask him about his underwear.

I embrace this season with mixed emotions, I knew the time was coming, I knew that loving him well meant letting him go but I didn’t think I would become so darn sentimental over a growing pair of feet.

Thank you Lord for my man-cub and the next few years I have to love on him, help me to be patient as he learns to find his way into his own.

Good Night My Friends
Vito’s # 1 Fan Him Mom

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