From The Surf to The Slopes!

Greetings from the Front Porch!

Well, I went from the surf to the slope within twenty-four hours, now that is living in the moment. My husband and I took off to Santa Cruz on Friday morning and spent three days enjoying one another and ourselves as well as connecting with some old friends who have a place on the cliffs over looking the ocean. There is nothing like starting of the morning in the moment watching the sea roar against the sand and the sun rising over the mountains, with a nice piping hot cup of coffee in my hand.

We returned home from the beach and within hours I had my suitcase switched out for winter clothes and the kids and I decided to take a last minute trip up to the slopes of Tahoe. It was hard to believe just hours prior, I had been on the beach and now I was headed for the snow.

Road trips with my teens are always an adventure, we searched high and low for a place to sleep the night we left, forgetting that it was a holiday weekend. We had to do a little backtracking but finally found a great place on the road that never ended, or at least it felt like that while driving in the dark on a road we had never been on before.

When we finally arrived we were ready for a nice warm meal and a comfortable cozy bed, both were available. We enjoyed our mini vacation, curled up on the bed and watched man verses moose as we giggled and planned what the next day would look like.

It was about 8AM when we packed the car and headed back up the hill, we arrived at the slopes around 9AM and spent the next four hours snowboarding, sledding and ice-skating. Of course, I enjoyed from a distance, a nice warm lodge kept a smile on my face and head in my body.

Around 2PM is when we left the mountain and headed back home, we were a tried bunch but it was worth it. As I drove out of the village and on to the road, I had a smile on my face as I thought about what an amazing weekend I had just living in the moment with my husband and kids.

Happy Wednesday my friends, enjoy your moments, love your life and trust God with your future!


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