The Future From The Front Porch!

Greetings from the Front Porch!

Are you ready to find your future while sitting on the front porch! Are you ready to understand how being still and trusting God can give you the opportunity to actually walk out your God given passion and purpose for this life?

Today is the future, does that sound right? The future sounds like tomorrow but in fact, this very moment is the creation of what tomorrow will bring. While I have learned to embrace this philosophy of the front porch, it has been a learning process for me to trust God with my future.

It has been a journey of learning and letting go, of falling down and getting up, of running fast and slowing down. I had to finally let go of my rabbit’s foot and traded it in for a turtles shell. I had to come to the realization that I was not to create my future but that my future was created out of the moments I chose to completely embrace.

It was in those moments that I found what I was most passionate about, where my purpose unfolded. I learned the value of the voice, through listening well, asking good and pausing on purpose all while intentionally being present in the moment. I learned as I pressed into those moments that people were more important then activities and in those moments of learning, I became conscious of the fact that I loved to her peoples stories.

Living in the moment was not something that came naturally to me and was not even in my vocabulary while I was dangling the rabbit’s foot and running my race like a sprint. In my enthusiasm to find my purpose I was missing out in the moments that created them, running ahead of myself, passing up the very people that God had placed in my circle who would confirm, encourage and challenge me to walk out in my gifts.

I am grateful today for the encouragement from a friend many years ago who challenged me to slow down. It seemed like back in the day, I was always running to one place or another, full speed ahead, I was never present in the moment because I was thinking about the next activity I had to get to.

Today as I understand that my future is dependent on my philosophy if I want to life out my God given purpose, I have to be intentional about my moments and how I choose to spend them. Sometimes being in the moment can look and feel lazy when there is no purpose behind it.

Being in the moment can feel like the familiar from my past but in all actuality it is choosing to be in the moment where my past and present come together to create my future.

Thank you Rene for your words of wisdom so many years ago. Thank you for speaking truth into my life and helping me trade in my rabbit’s foot for my turtle shell so that I could embrace my future.


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i N a said...

i love this post. no one can predict what will happen in the future. but i believe that the future is just a result of what we do at the present.

hope you could find time to check my blog..