Summer Time Is Here!

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Greetings From The Front Porch!

Are you excited or what? Summer time is here and kids are getting ready to settle into home as if they were bears getting ready to hibernate for the season. Let’s be honest, how many of you dread this time of year?

It was not that long ago that just the thought of my kids being home for three days let alone three months brought me to a place of anxiety. “What was I suppose to do with these kids,” rolled around in my head about two weeks before the school year would come to an end.

The words that so easily, role off many young people lips, “I am bored,” as if parents were put on this earth to entertain them, haunted my thoughts and I wondered, “what will we do?”

What I came to realize over the last several years about summer vacation and many other seasons in my life is that unless there is a game plan I would fail. I love the saying that goes like this, “we don’t plan to fail, and we fail to plan.” That is where my frustration came out of, the failing to plan left us with nothing to do or to many choices.

I start preparing for summer, months before it arrives. Preparing my children for what the summer will look like. We have chosen to be proactive instead of reactive to the summer months.

Pulling the calendar out, planning some trips and events as well as committing to just being OK with being home.


Because they are in their teen years and the tables have turned, I have found that I want more time with them then they want with me. This is the deal I made with them. Monday mom day, I asked if they would leave just one day open for me to spend with them and the rest of the week could be for them.

We have committed to a few family activities, some personal goals and some much-needed mornings of sleeping in. I have said for years now that I think from the age of 13-17 we should just let the children sleep. We could wake them up just before the turn 18 and send them back to school. OK, not realistic but it does sound like a good idea.

So, as I sit her on my Front Porch, watching the rain come down on the last day of school, I thank God for this season I am about to enter into. I pray that we do not over commit and that we will find time to just be in the moment. Relaxing on The Front Porch and enjoying our community.

I pray as I let go and watch them find their way in the world that I will find peace in my moment as well. Moms and dads, The Front Porch will be open this summer for all to come and visit, to connect and be in community.

I challenge us all to be prepared even in the down times. This summer is going to fly by so and next thing you know you will be finding me greeting you from The Front Porch and wishing our children a happy first day of school.

*Make memories
*Rest well
*Enjoy this season

Summertime is here and it’s going to be great.


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