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Greetings From The Front Porch!

Since The Front Porch is about creating and connecting so we can live in community as we gather and grow, for a reason, season or a lifetime. I have challenged a few of my besties to step outside their comfort zone and put the pen to the paper or should I say the finger to the keys. Though we are not professional writers or trained storytellers, we are a group of women living with a mission to be real and be in community together.

Please welcome Patricia Koza to The Front Porch as she shares her heart and her love for walking by faith and not living in fear!

“I went on an incredible retreat with seven amazing wonderful woman of God! I remember the week before retreat I was saying to myself...I am not going...I have too much too do here and it might be best if I do not go. Fear was gripping my heart.

The truth was, fear of not being accepted made me think twice about backing out. Even though I was in fellowship with these ladies off and on for a year my mind was flooded with lies...Will I fit in? will I participate? will I have fun? Thankfully, I have learned to recognize those voices and realize they are never from my loving heavenly father Jesus Christ. Therefore, I packed my bags and off I went.

I arrived at my friend’s house a little late, but she greeted me with loving arms, we met up with our driver and again I was greeted with a smile. Our last stop before we are on our way. Taste of Tuscany to pick up another of the seven....

That was all in our car...the other three would be leaving later. We packed the car with lots of goodies and belongings and yet again greeted with love and Off and running or should I say driving we went! Along the way to visit a wonderful bakery.

About an hour and half later we arrived at the beautiful quaint Bed and Breakfast for our first retreat together. A few hours later arrived the other three. We were given gifts and shared our hearts with one another...

We had the most incredible time laughing, crying, joking, dancing and singing, eating and learning. Which brings me to the main purpose of this writing...What we learned?

The topic of the weekend was learning to love ourselves and see ourselves as God sees us. We were challenged to think about and write down on a 3x5 card good things about ourselves and if we could not think of any then to write down First Corinthians 13.

We were encouraged to talk to ourselves in the mirror about these good things...sound intimidating?...yes! Would we do that time no one really knew! The next day we were asked to write down what we love about each for each person. After writing them down, if we wanted to participate then we would sit in a chair and let each woman read there card to us. As a wonderful surprise, everyone participated.

What a Blessing! After we read the cards to each other we were asked to take a mirror look in it and read our card to the face starring us in the mirror....Would I do it I said?...I had only written on my card one thing and first Corinthian 3?

I decided to take the challenge...although anxiety was trying to fill my heart along with fear....I am so glad I did because what came out of it was the most beautiful thing....I could now look in the mirror and believe what God says about me.

Those cards I received, I carry with me and when I am feeling down and out I read, and am reminded of how people see me rather than how I see myself. I came away that weekend changed..

My perspective had changed I could now love with more compassion and I am really learning to love me for who God made me to be and love my life!...Thank you Cristina for challenging us from our gut and teaching us that we are beautiful and we can look ourselves in the mirror and tell our soul who we really are in Him!”

Patricia Koza

Thank you my dear friend for sharing your heart and your story, you are amazing!


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