Tight Rope Walker...

Five reasons I choose to stay straddled between the struggle and the victory. 
1.        It builds faith
2.       It connects me to the hurt, lost and left behind
3.       It equips me to give back
4.       It allows my character to be refined
5.       It helps remind me that life is about both falling down and getting back up.
Sometimes life feels like walking on a tight rope, tension can be scary.  It has away of making me feel like I want to hold on and let go at the same time.  However  tension is what makes the trials of my struggles and my victories worth reaching out and taking hold of.  Tension has away of stretching my spiritual muscles in away no other activity could do.
There is tension between the struggle of living and the victory of life.  In the middle of the two is where I rely on my faith.  I rely on a faith that states “it is good”.  When I hold to tight to the struggle I become a victim of life and it’s ever changing circumstances.  When I wonder over to the side of victory and wave it around like I conquered a country,  I become prideful and well as the saying goes, I would be best to watch out for what could happen next. 
It is not about juggling between the two or even trying to balance myself in the middle.  The action step is about stillness.  The choice to be still in the middle of the struggle and the victory.  Folding into the moment where they both even rub up against one another and I feel like shouting “really!” can this be happening?  It is there in the middle where I witness the culture shouting and God whispering.
Yet, life is about falling down and getting back up.   It is about holding on and letting go.  Without my faith I would feel crazy by now.  In fact, years ago I would have told you I was.  I did not have the tools or the knowledge to live in the middle, to embrace my faith.  A faith that encourages me not to worry about tomorrow.   Truth is, all I have is today.
Today I stand in the middle of the struggle and the victory, hands raised high, face towards the sun ready to except whatever comes my way.  Today I choose to believe that God is good and he created good.  I am not naïve, nor do I pretend that bad is not happening in this world but what I do know to be true, in the middle of the struggle and the victory I am able to connect wholeheartedly with those who are hurt, lost and left behind.  I am able to give back what was given to me without getting lost in either side of the spectrum of life.
Today I choose to walk in the tension between the victory and the struggle, allowing my faith to grow stronger and my heart to become more open.  Praying for you to be able to do the same as well my friends.
Have a beautiful today! 
Never taking myself to seriously

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