Thank You 4 Your Yes!

Dear Family and Friends,
I write today with a grateful heart and a spirit of gratitude for all of you who have chosen to be the hands and feet of Jesus to the least of these.  As of last Sunday, we have accounted for almost 400 incarcerated sisters in regards to the Christmas card outreach.  That is amazing, considering we are at the time of year where most people seem to be the busiest and spent all around.  Yet, you said yes and because of that, a life will be touched through your encouraging words and prayers.  I am also overwhelmed with the fact that many of you who said yes had your own struggles you are working through but that did not stop you.  This is proof once again that God does show up best in our weakness. 

Please feel free to connect to the ministry web page down below and see all that we do.  If you are interested in any part of the network let me know.  As one of the National Representatives as well as the California Rep.  My goal is to help connect volunteers and equip local leaders in our communities, to prepare them for the women as they are being released back into our communities.  I am a believer in community; I am a result of my community loving me well as I found my way out of my own prison and back into a place of healing and wholeness. 

Also, a great big thank you to The Midnight Smoker BBQ, The Way of Life Ministries and Simply Serving, your heart to connect community has helped bridge a gap for people to serve!

Cristina Nole

National Speaker
Daughters of Destiny
Mrs. Sacramento
United States

Mrs. Sacramento

The Front Porch

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