Lessons Learned 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

WOW, they say as we get older time seems to fly by even faster.  I am officially older because this was the fastest year I can ever remember. 

As I bring this year to a close I cant help but think about all the lessons I have learned and all the memories I have made.

The greatest lesson I learned this year came in the form of allowing my children to fail forward, fall well and be there to help them up with no strings attached.

I learned that they need to know that falling down and getting back up is not a one time event in the process of growing older.  By my own example you would think they would have learned that by now J

But, this year in particular I watched as my two teens would try, fail, fall get back up and try again.  What that has produced in them both is strength, faith and perseverance.

God has created them for a purpose and I believe He has a plan for them both and they cannot be afraid of failing or falling to find both of those items in their life.

So as we celebrate the teen years with our two younger ones we have also had the honor and privilege of watching our oldest enjoy the married life while surprising us all in Nov. with the announcement of the pregnancy of her first child.

OK, if time going by fast doesn’t make one feel old, finding out your going to be a grandparent just might.

Well, not old but older, wiser, and blessed beyond words.  I learned that the announcement of your child’s child is even more amazing then the announcement of your own.  I am not sure why at this point but will ponder that through out the New Year.

Tony and I have come to realize how blessed we are with our amazing family, immediate and extended and also the community of friends that has surrounded us over the years.

The year 2012 will be marked by a deliberate and intentionality of creating a culture of community starting from The Front Porch and following us wherever we go.

Please remember, family, friends and those who come to read my blog.  We were created to be in community.  Two are better than one. 

If you find yourself in our neighborhood in 2012 and you see us on The Front Porch, please stop by, we would love to visit with you.


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