Breathe in.....

Whispers from the Heart of God

Day 3

“Breathe in and out, slow down, you do not need to rush.  I will help you, stay calm, be clear before you answer.  Be strong in your yes and OK with your no.  You do not have to be all to all.  Your convictions are carved on your heart.  You do not need to worry about forgetting who you are. 

Yes, you came from pain but it does not define you.  Today it reminds you that all things, all, work out for the good when you remember to call on me.  Focus on my face and you will taste, see and feel true freedom, even in the middle of what might appear to be slavery. 

No one owns you, follow my leading, and remember; I placed my spirit in you.  Trust your instincts but banish the judgment.  Eyes are watching you, I do not say that to guilt you but to remind you. 

You are a teacher, a leader and those following you will mimic what you do.  Choose wisely the path you practice and the road you take. Remember, more is caught then taught.  Your voice is powerful, but you will find your strength shining through when you choose silence as a form of communicating. 

The gift of influence has given this amazing ability to say much without saying anything. at all.  Your story continues to unfold as you find freedom to be yourself.  Do not compare your struggle and pain your past and your loss with others victory and gain, it will not add up and you will walk away defeated. 

Hurt, lost and left behind use to be your name but today you my child are healed set free and raised from the dead.  I have called you as one of mine to mark the way of the suffering.  Shed light in the darkness, bring hope to the hopeless and take the hand of the lost and lonely. 

Your gift of compassion comes from your own experience and knowledge of knowing what it was like to be on the fringes of this world.  Watching, waiting and wondering if you would ever fit in, this is why you are able to relate to those who are not asked to join, those over looked and those who are sent away. 

Go after my broken beautiful people, they are the treasures of this world and they are the reason you can believe in your purpose and my and my plan.  I will confound the wise when I use you to reach out to the least of these.  My people, my children, they will shine with redemption, restoration and recovery when they see that they to are loved healed and set free from all that has been done and all that they have done. 

Free, you are free!  No more hidden chains, no more invisible bars.  It is time for my people to walk away from the oppressors, life stealers, rules setters and robbers of redemption.  When I said “whoever” I meant, “whoever”!  Walk in freedom daughter and take everyone who wants to follow with you.  Love deeply, forgive often and do not forget to focus on my face.

Breathe in and out, you will always find me right by your side.

Love Your Creator


Shine said...

just Beautiful!!! Thank u for the share!

Shine said...

Beautiful....thanks for the share

Jill Beran said...

Great words Cris!! Thanks for sharing!! Love this, "Love deeply, forgive often and do not forget to focus on my face. You will always find me right by your side." Think I need to print that off!!