Day 4
Whispers from the Heart of God.....

Look at my word, what do you see?  Proverbs tells you that greed will cause fighting but trusting in me will lead you to prosperity.  Also, whoever gives to the poor will lack nothing.  Trust and give, have and want not will be the result.  There will be those around you that will disagree, but true prosperity is not about the money or making a buck but all about balance.  Trust me with what you truly treasure and you will find peace and joy, contentment will flow from you soul. 

I will not disappoint you when you surrender to my will.  Freedom will lead you and my peace will allow you to prosper.  You have the mind of Christ, use it well to lead the hurt, lost and least of these.

I know my truth can appear to contradict itself but in all actuality, it will help you stay the course and run your race.  Serve me with all your heart and you will find contentment there as well.  Your purpose and my will cause you to jump out of bed everyday with a fire in your belly and a burning in your soul.

The world is at your fingertips.  Give as I have given to you.  Remember, you will lack nothing when you do my will.  Trusting and giving will lead you to the abundant life you have been longing for.

Smile from your soul, you know the secret of success and you are more then willing to share the way.  Yes, I have said there will always be the poor, so ask yourself why?  Know this answer and share your desires.

Help those who have been oppressed and those who have success.  Be a bridge between the two, a gap filler to bring community together.  Do not listen to those who doubt me or discourage you, ignore those who want to add to your plate and cause you to stumble.

Look at me, ask, seek and knock, I will always answer you when you seek me out.  Today is the day I have made, rejoice and be glad because I have chosen you for such a time as this. 

Look at my word, what do you see?

Your Creator

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