You Are Wise...

 Day 17

Whispers from the Heart of God….

You are wise when you build your home with love, use your hands to lift up those you love the most that will be your legacy.  A good and honorable word spoken in love will be the very thing that protects you and those around you when hard times hit.  Speak gently to all you meet.

You are honest and your life is filled with abundance because you have chosen to follow my way.  Give thoughts to your actions, look ahead at the consequences, determine the cost and do not be deceived.  Many will want to distract you from what I have called you to do.  Stay focused on my face and I will lead the way.

Be strong, be brave, and do not be afraid.  I will be with you every step of the way.  You will find the reward when you follow me, it is more then a heavenly crown.  It will come as contentment, joy and even peace in the middle of the struggle as well as the victory.

I will crown you with knowledge as you except your assignment.  You will find you are not alone on this journey.  Look around; see who wants to follow me in you.  You inspire others to say yes to the pureness of the gospel and the love of Jesus.

Be patient, it will bring you understanding; follow it up with kindness and goodness, and watch, as others will follow your lead.  Remember, your wisdom comes from building everything with love; this is a sign of a dedicated follower who knows the truth.

Love will give you wisdom.

Love Your

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