The Way to Communicate......

Day 17

Whispers from the Heart of God……

Prayer is the way to communicate with me, anytime, anywhere, we can talk.  We both need to interact with one another so that you can understand my character.   I am a whisper away, call out to me and I will be there.

You will hear me when you pray the question, how will you recognize the answer?  You must know my voice to hear the response.  It will take discipline and self-control to quiet the things around you so that you will know it is I. I believe you can be still and you will know my voice in the silence

Prayer is the key to peace as well, standing up, sitting down, it really does not matter how you pray just that you do.  When you quiet your mind and prepare to hear my voice, you also quiet your soul, which will open you up to receive the good things I give.  I have so much I want to bring to you.  My gifts are part of the plan and promise for your life, they will help you run your race. 

Stay in your lane, look up and out, not back, do not forget to stretch your muscles and tie your shoes.  I have given you my child a specific lane to run in.  You will reach people from your place in your race that others will not be able to because they were not called to run in your lane.

You will find faith to run your race every time you stop and pray to me.  I will help you stay the course.  I will cheer you on and shed light on to your path.  There will be times of darkness and despair but they will not define you but instead refine you.

Your place among the people has already been planned.  From the beginning of time, I knew what lane you would run, what race you would start and lane you would cross.  Stand tall, be strong, and do not give up.  I am with you until the end.

Prayer will be your key to communicate with me.

Love Your


Kelline said...

I can relate most particularly to the analogy of the race. So much so that I wrote and published a poem called "Run the Race." I know this is from scripture. I'm in love with Christ. In my poem I used the same words you did about the Lord cheering us on. Glory be to His name! I felt encouraged and uplifted by your post. I think I'll sign on to follow.

Cris Nole said...

Thanks Kelline, so glad you were able to be encouraged and lifted up. Thanks for your comment and your encouragement as well.
Keep running your race :)