Do Not Judge.......

Day 16

Whispers from the Heart of God….
Be careful not to judge, you do not know the whole story.  I have not called you to condemn or ridicule the hurt, lost or least of these.  Rather, use your gifts of listening to invite them in, listen to their stories and get to know their why.

People have seen so many counterfeits of me this is why it is so important that you show them the real deal.  Grace and mercy is a trademark of my handprint.  A gentle spirit is also a sign that I am among you.

You will be surprised at how much people share when you listen well.  You will make them feel safe as you stick to the truth and allow the spirit to lead the way.  Many who have called themselves followers of mine have failed miserably because they added to my message of love first my father and then each other.

I give you favor and authority to walk where others have been forbidden to travel.  You will be invited into people’s pain because my spirit gives you a peaceful confidence that allows others to feel calm in your presence; this is my present to all who are seeking.
 Do not judge.
Love Your

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