Daddy's Girl.......

The smell of fresh cut flowers tickled my nose as I prepared them for their new place of residency.  Colors as bright as the rainbow danced all over the pedals as the green stems seemed to whisper ever so softly, "Stay for a while."

I was drawn into nestling in close to the arrangement so that I could take in every sort of sent that meandered my way from the bouquet to my nostrils.  If ever I was to be reminded of God and His glory, his imagination and creativity, it would have been at this very moment.

To think up such beauty takes brilliants, to ponder each pedal and to search for just the right sent, now that is a God who is into detail, deliberate devotion to bringing beauty to every possible creation placed before his children.

Now, the truth be told, if I am created in my fathers image, and an image far beyond what I can conceive.  Not to mention I am told by His truth that I have the mind of the Messiah, then I had better be prepared to create, invent and imagine beauty beyond words, smells beyond soothing that will reflect the fact that I am my fathers daughter.

It is an amazing thing to see, smell and feel God' greatness in the fragrance of a flower and see that I am made in His image.

Cris Nole

One of HIS kids

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Kelline said...

Indeed how wonderful to see His "fingerprints" on all things in this world! I've always imagined He loves walking in Yosemite National Park in the winter, or at the bottom of the sea in places where the light still reaches. I've often times thought of God when I look at the markings on the head of a Mallard duck or the magical design of the Hummingbird. He's amazing, truly! I would to God that everyone saw it as well. There would be a lot less destruction of the planet and pollution if this was the case.